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The world is at war with itself…economies collapse. Entire nations demand Justice and Freedom. Will history repeat, or is this the beginning of a Golden Age for Humanity?
Who can point the way forward?
A momentous opportunity presents itself. It is time to implement our highest aspirations for freedom, for a wholesome environment, for purposeful living, and for the co-operation needed if we are to survive on planet Earth. We will need incorruptible, wise and loving guidance so that everyone, everywhere, will know that each one matters, and that all are needed.

Such Guidance is now ours for the asking.
Everywhere there are signs that Maitreya, the World Teacher, has come and is now at work in the world. He has given a number of television interviews, and more are expected to take place in the Americas, Japan, Europe and the rest of the world. Maitreya’s open mission has begun. Soon He will present His credentials on Declaration Day, and subsequently introduce His group of Teachers experienced in all fields of human endeavor, such as the arts, politics and science, and including Jesus, Leader of the Christian church.

Look for a wise man who gives voice to your highest aspirations for a world in which nations share resources so that no man lacks the basic necessities of life: nourishing food; effective health care; safe housing and all the education needed for self-development. Look for a man who speaks of Love, Justice and Brotherhood based on Sharing.