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Ways You Can Help

On receiving this incredibly hopeful news, many people ask how they can help. Our answer is to share the information as widely as possible, and this can be done simply by forwarding a link to our Background Information 'The World Teacher is Now Here'. You can also post it to Facebook and Twitter. It is the work of Share International to present this information ‘for your consideration only’. You can forward it in the same spirit!

Other valuable ways to help:

  • Tell friends and relatives about this information, referring them to this website, our international website, and the Background Information.
  • Send the link for Share International YouTube videos to friends and family. Also on this webpage are links to channels in Spanish, Japanese, German, French, and Serbian.
  • Subscribe to Share International magazine.
  • Join or start a Transmission Meditation group.
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to Share International USA and support our continued work making this message known on the widest scale possible.
  • Share our message in your own words with local groups who might be open to this information.
  • Donate one or more of Benjamin Creme’s books to your local library, prison, shelter: share-ecart.com/store/books
  • Introduce Benjamin Creme’s books to your local bookstores with this booklist.
  • As you read each of Benjamin Creme’s books, post a review on share-ecart.com/store/books. Click on the book cover and use the review link provided.
  • If you make comments on internet blogs or newsgroups, point people to the Share International website. You could also link directly to a specific web page that most relates to the topic under discussion.
  • Watch for newspaper or magazine articles offering an opportunity to write a letter to the editor, or to phone an editor/reporter and introduce this story.

“Many are the ways to serve, but one among all today has priority: the Christ needs your willing help. Tell the world of His presence and His imminent emergence and aid Him more than you could know. Build together the thoughtform of this event and create a climate of hope. More than anything, this will insure His smooth re-entry into a troubled and chaotic world.”

– The Master —, from ‘The people’s voice’

“You, My friends, have a unique opportunity to serve at this time. You are in receipt of a message of Hope, a declaration of truth, and on your judgement rests your future. You may take the path that leads to sterile inaction: that is your right. But, my friends, why discard an opportunity to serve your brothers and Me in a most potent fashion? Make known the fact of My Presence among you and see the light of joy awaken in your brothers’ eyes. Let them, too, share in this manifestation of hope and promise for the world, and take your place by My side.”

– Maitreya, from Message 68