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Special statement
Crisis in the Middle East

The global community realizes that the latest horrific development in world events is a major test — a challenge to our humanity, to our ability to rise above sectarianism, to embrace all and, in doing so, to ‘keep our eyes on the prize that is humanity’.

The world is deeply troubled by the excesses of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which has rapidly escalated into ethnic cleansing and genocide. At the same time, humanity is required to choose: certainly not to choose sides but to choose for Justice, for Life and Brotherhood, forgiveness and the relinquishing of any longing for revenge. The current conflagration must be seen in the context of sustained injustice and oppression of the Palestinian people — decade after decade since at least the early 20th century.

Division and hatred have flourished, fed by propaganda and manipulated by those who stand to profit financially and in terms of power. Nationalism, extremism and fascism — both political and financial — have spawned notions of separation, of ‘us’ versus ‘them’. Such attitudes must be abandoned as having no place in a world in which we know ourselves to be one humanity on one planet. Political leaders are conditioned by outdated modes of thinking; their territorial self-interest and political power games only add to the conflagration — which they may not be able to contain. All efforts must be made to avoid drawing more countries into this most dangerous situation.


Benjamin Creme remarked in a number of his books, in Share International magazine and in answers to questions that, while a solution and reconciliation must be aimed at, “It will take Maitreya himself to bring about this reconciliation.”

The following answer to a question illustrates his thinking on this issue:

Here we have drawn on Maitreya’s Teachings and the writings of Benjamin Creme and his Master, which provide an insight into how the international community’s failure, thus far, to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem has played into today’s horrific war. We realize that our contribution to this complex issue is limited but the texts selected here throw light and provide hope at a time when hope seems impossible.

The voice of the people

Around the world, more and more people are speaking out, gathering to protest the biased approach to an ancient and highly complex situation. Human rights groups and aid organizations are calling for an immediate ceasefire, but in some of the world’s modern democracies, known historically as champions of freedom and equality, public protests are being hampered and even banned — at a time when the voice of the people can and must play a crucial role. Huge numbers of ordinary decent people want to see an immediate end to this futile destruction: For the sake of humanity, our future and our planet — stop now! Our collective future depends on our choice. Sharing and justice are key in resolving this and all other conflicts.

A selection of articles by Benjamin Creme’s Master