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Online Meditations via Zoom
Before proceeding, please be sure you’ve read the introduction to Transmission Meditation in the top-tier link above.

To be most effective, this meditation should be conducted by a group meeting in person. Benjamin Creme explained that there is an ‘X factor’ of energy that comes into play when the individuals are physically together. However, with the advent of Covid in 2020, many of the groups discontinued meeting in person for the safety of their members. Most continued to meet regularly online via Zoom – not only with their own members but also with participants from virtually anywhere in the world.

Although we hope more of the groups will resume meeting in person, we also realize that by offering the meditation online we are able to include many more people who are not in close proximity to in-person groups. So we will continue to offer the meditation in two forms but encourage in-person participation when that is possible. Also consider the possibility of forming your own group with family, friends and colleagues.

Here’s how you can be part of this valuable work:

Click on this link to let us know you’re interested. By asking for your name, city and state, we are able to redirect your request to the Regional Transmission Meditation Coordinator for your area. S/he will respond with a letter giving you the links to the Zoom meditation groups specifically designed for newcomers. These offer a brief explanation at the beginning and an opportunity to ask questions before the meditation begins. The letter will also give you the contact information for any in-person groups near you. If there are any, we hope you will attend and experience the meditation at that level. The Coordinator will also keep your contact information so you can be informed of future in-person groups.

According to Benjamin Creme: “Transmission Meditation is the simplest way to help the world and build a stronger connection with your own spiritual nature at the same time.”