January 2024
Credit: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann
The future beckons
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
From time to time, I have spoken of the need to inculcate the spirit of sharing whereby the world’s resources can be more equitably distributed. This would lead to a reduction of tension and of incalculable human suffering. It would also bring about a revitalization of the life and of the economies of the already developed nations. The life-blood of the planet must circulate. The stagnant economies of the richer nations can only be galvanized into motion through the recognition that the poorer nations, too, have a right to live and to enjoy a reasonable standard of life. Only sharing can make this so.
Daily, the evidence mounts to show men that the world is One, that humanity is an organism whose well-being depends on the health of every part, and that to ignore the signs of danger and of disease is no longer possible or wise. Many now see this and call for justice but only the cry of awakened humanity will suffice to shift the Powers from their positions of greed.
Soon, the world will know for certain that men must share or perish. Maitreya will lose no time in bringing home to all, this truth. He will show men that the world belongs to everyone — rich and poor, powerful and dispossessed, white and coloured. He will make clear the need for concerted action to solve the problems which confront man today, and will point the way to their solution. Calling upon all men to accept the need for change, He will quicken the aspiration and focus the will of men everywhere to see justice done. Thus will He unite all those who seek the establishment of better forms through which the divinity of man can be expressed; and from that multitude will rise a cry unlike aught heard before on this Earth, a cry for justice and truth, freedom and peace.
Then will the leaders respond and, in growing momentum, this world will be transformed. Thus will it be; thus will Maitreya lay the foundations of the new civilization based on sharing and love.
Can you not feel the new rhythm which is entering your lives? Who can ignore the new impulse which quickens men to action? All will be remade, and soon the darkness will give way to revealing light.
All who can respond to the needs of the time will find a place. This the Law of Service guarantees. No one who longs to serve need fear lack of work or purpose nor the willing guidance of experienced hands. We shall help you to restore this world to health and shall work as brothers at your side, clearing away the debris of the past.
Soon the world will see great changes taking place and will know that the New Age has begun. The old is passing away and the future beckons mankind. No one need fear that future for it holds for man the promise of his divine heritage, and the establishment everywhere of the Will of God.
Serve, and realize that future for yourselves and your brothers. Serve, and know you are working in unison with God’s Will. Serve gladly and wisely, and enter into freedom and joy.   

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Benjamin Creme from 2010 NYC lecture
“We now have no option but to end war forever.” Hear Benjamin Creme explain its connection to the fundamental Law of Life: Cause and Effect.
Maitreya’s Priorities
As Benjamin Creme describes in the above video excerpt, we have reached the point in human evolution where we have the capability of easily destroying all life on Earth. If we continue on with “business as usual,” disregarding the basic Laws of Life, ever-increasing wars will lead inevitably to that end.
Humanity is now engaged in major conflicts in Palestine and Ukraine as well as others in Yemen, Sudan and elsewhere. These are the visible ones. Yet, behind the scenes, there is a greater battle raging whose outcome actually determines everything for this planet. This is the ancient struggle between those who work for the good of all and those who work only for power and profit.
To help further Maitreya’s priorities, action on the part of everyone – in one form or another – is needed. We can participate in protests and write to our elected officials and people in power, but we can also act together with any of the thousands of civil society organizations worldwide working for peace and its prerequisites: sharing and justice. These organizations take action in many different non-violent ways including humanitarian aid, petitions, boycotting, and building sustainable relationships between peoples for the future. If you want to expand your “people power” and make your voice a bit louder, you may want to consider engaging with one or more of these many action groups. Here is a tiny sampling:
* Alliance for Middle East Peace www.allmep.org
* American Friends of Combatants for Peace www.afcfp.org
* Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) www.bdsmovement.net/economic-boycott
* AVAAZ - The World In Action www.Avaaz.org
* Center For Religious Tolerance www.c-r-t.org
* International Center for Conciliation www.centerforconciliation.org
* Rabbis for Human Rights www.rhr.org.il
* Search for Common Ground www.sfcg.org
* Women Wage Peace www.womenwagepeace.org.il
Maitreya’s heartfelt call for action
Maitreya gave a blessing and the following message via Benjamin Creme on 6 April 2006.
“My friends, I am nearer to you than you may think. My heart beats step by step with yours. My heart cries for the suffering of so many. Yet I know that the hearts of those who hear me now are open and willing to help. Fear not my friends. Give bravely and willingly to help all in need. When you do this you enter that area of divinity from which you come. This is the action of divinity itself. So my friends, wait no longer for the manifestation of the great changes which are to come. Bring them about by your actions. Think widely. Think that your brothers and sisters are yourselves, the same throughout the world. Do this my friends and see me very soon. My heart embraces you all.”
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Ad with Maitreya’s quote generates enthusiastic public response
Thousands of people responded to an ad with a quote from one of Maitreya’s messages, which ran on the DrudgeReport.com website from December 11-24.
When people clicked on the ad, they went to a specially-created landing page titled, “New Hope is in the World,” which contains information on the Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, as well as a 5-minute video featuring clips of Benjamin Creme.
The ad was shown more than 3.5 million times on the website, which means this number of people potentially read the excerpt from Maitreya’s message. About 4,000 people clicked on the ad to visit the landing page and, once there, nearly 1,000 watched some or all of the video, and 800 clicked on one of the links for more information.
Art, Spirituality & Global Transformation – Life of Benjamin Creme
As a tribute to Benjamin Creme’s artistic journey and spiritual mission, Michiko Ishikawa, a longtime associate of Creme, shared profound insight into his extraordinary life and work at her talk in Tokyo, 2017.
While many know of Benjamin Creme as the focal point for information about the Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, few are aware of his remarkable talent as a groundbreaking artist. He introduced a completely new, previously unseen form of art to the world – the modern mandala.
In her presentation, with slide reproductions of lithographs by Creme, Ishikawa delves into the artistic side of Creme’s life, highlighting the history of his artistic development and explaining the esoteric principles behind his striking visual representations. She elucidates how he artfully brought together the two primary paths in his life and forged them into one cohesive vision to address the urgent needs of our time.
We believe the video will resonate with new readers or young people who look for a message of hope.
The video was produced by Share Japan, with English subtitles added by Share International USA-West.
To watch the full video visit tiny.cc/CremeArt. On YouTube you can also find it by searching for Benjamin Creme/Ishikawa.
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Transmission Meditation

“TRANSMISSION MEDITATION is a form of meditation which is also a transmission of energy. If the human kingdom were for some reason or other removed from this planet, all the lower kingdoms – animal, vegetable and even mineral – would eventually die. They would no longer receive their quota of energy from the sun at a potency which they could absorb. This is because the human kingdom (as do all kingdoms) transmits energy, albeit in a unique fashion. Whether we know it or not (and in the future we shall know it and act consciously as such), we are transmitters, a clearinghouse for energies received from the kingdoms above us. These energies are transformed by passing through us to the lower kingdoms.”  

— Benjamin Creme

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