December 2023
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The future of freedom and justice
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
Seldom before has the world seemed so beset with problems. Across the globe, in almost every country, forces are afoot which disturb all balance and security. Chaos and mayhem wreak their terror on an ever-increasing scale. Millions suffer the most degrading hardship and want while whole nations convulse in the throes of change.
Into this cauldron has come the Christ. Recognized or not, His hand can be seen behind the outer turmoil, guiding and cementing the forces for good, ensuring their final triumph. Little as it may seem, a new order is being created from these warring forces, a new livingness from the ashes of the dying forms.
As commercialization spreads its cancer around the world, poisoning the life-blood of human relations, commerce and government, more and more are awakening to the danger, and are searching for new modes of intercourse and trade.
While ruthless and ambitious men spread havoc in their homelands, igniting the fires of hatred long slumbering in the hearts of their peoples, a new willingness to aid the victims and to counter the aggression asserts itself in the forum of the nations.
The hand of the Christ strays never from the helm. Only the fulfilment of the Law limits His range of action. Always, His forces are alert and ready to intervene when too heavy a weight would crush humanity’s cause.
Take heart, then, from the knowledge that these days of fire and fear will end; man’s long suffering and pain will soon be over. Take courage from the knowledge that man is not alone, that his Elder Brothers know and watch each painful, passing phase.
Prepare, now, to see and build the future. Envision it enfolded in your highest aspiration. Learn to be detached amid the present chaos and add not your quota of fears to the encroaching dark. Nearer than you may think is the day of rejoicing; hatred, too, in time, runs its course.
Awaken, soon, to the new day. Polish, anew, each bright aspiration. A new light, the Light of the World, is now, once more, among you. Reveal the growing light which now enters each sentient being, and redress the imbalances of old.
We watch and wait and are with you. Each day brings Our presence closer to your ken. When you see Us you will know that the time to work together for the safeguarding of the race has arrived: no longer must “market-forces” blight man’s ascending path. No longer must cruel ambition hold sway over the lives of the people. Never again must millions starve in the midst of plenty. No more must the future of the young be sold above their heads. The future of freedom and justice beckons. Accept it, accept it.

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Share International Magazine
From the December issue
“There are those who would deny that all men have equal rights to a share of God’s providence. Those who argue thus have listened only to the voice of the separated self, forgetting that naught that they have and hold but comes to them from God. When men take heed of the voice of God within them they find in sharing and justice the only answer to man’s ills.
Today, more and more, that voice of the inner God is being heard. On all sides are arising spokesmen for the dispossessed. The clamour for justice is growing and soon will swell into a crescendo of sound, drowning out the cries for caution which issue from the representatives of the past. How can there be two worlds when the world is One?
How can there be division when the law is the same for all men?
Presently, men will understand that the suffering of the many is the illness of the whole, and that justice alone will provide the cure.”
(‘Justice is divine’, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, Share International)
We refer you now to the Editor’s Comment in this December issue which addresses the root causes not only of the many military crises we face today but also the immense, ongoing suffering on so many other fronts. We encourage you to ponder this brief but incisive analysis deeply and share it widely.
“The Son of Man”
Benjamin Creme reads his Master’s article “The Son of Man” which speaks to the distorted view of the Christ that has been presented for centuries by the churches, and Christ's priorities for this New Age including the removal of guilt and fear from the hearts and minds of all humanity.
World public opinion will change the world
It is world public opinion, as it expresses itself through the peoples of the world, which will change the world. Maitreya’s task is to galvanise world public opinion and focus it through a few simple ideas, so that people everywhere are calling for justice, for freedom; for sharing as the only way to achieve justice and the end of war, the creation of peace. Peace and the end of terrorism are dependent on the creation of justice, and only one thing will accomplish that: sharing the resources of the world.
— From Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity

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Insights from 2023 outreach
The following report was submitted at our request by a Southern California co-worker who has anchored many booth events throughout a tri-state region this year. It offers much encouragement for sharing our Message of Hope widely at this time. Keep in mind this is one person's experience and not suggestive of a limited audience for the message!
“People who are seeking alternative interpretations of current events, and the young, become the most attentive audience for the reappearance story. A fall schedule of street events, yoga festivals and a large Las Vegas consciousness expo (Stairway to the Stars) showed these trends:
– There is a growing number of people who are attempting to understand what is happening in the world by putting puzzle pieces together. This audience, which traditionally leans conservative, has widened to include more independents and dedicated Christians, and is becoming the core responsive audience.
– This contrasts with reception in Los Angeles where interest from liberals is waning. Particularly at a street event in Burbank, California, there was a noticeable sullen crowd which seemed to want to retreat into a bubble and avoid paying attention to the big events happening around the world. This trend was also noticed at events coming out of COVID last year.
– Young people who have not heard the story quickly cognize its significance. The breakdown of the American dream is bringing a sobriety and interest in a new direction for society.
– There is mounting respect for Benjamin Creme and the information Share International has provided by longtime people on the path. The relevance of the message is becoming less theoretical and more of a commentary on the here and now.
– From multiple angles, people know next year is going to be about chaos. They know that the old is rapidly breaking down. The most effective tool has seemed to relate what Benjamin and Maitreya said about world events and demonstrate how they are happening now.”
Theosofest 2023
The Midwest group’s experience at the Theosophical Society of America’s Theosofest this fall was the best ever. We had a double booth, one side displaying the standard banners, posters and brochures and the other featuring the new Meditation Mandalas exhibition. The picture of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky on one of our posters was particularly attention getting, since she was a cofounder of the Theosophical Society, but also attractive was the Self-Realization Fellowship poster, which brought up questions about how we might be affiliated with that group – a good jumping off point for discussion. In front was a table of sample SI magazines to give away along with two 11"x17” portfolios, one containing color pictures from the magazine and the other enlargements of the black and white back cover photos. Several people at different times gravitated toward the back cover photos, poring over them and commenting that these are what are really compelling. Were these individuals perhaps Masters, indicating what it might be best for us to emphasize?
See our collage of photographs from a few outreach events in 2023 and earlier.
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Transmission Meditation

“It does no good for anyone to live in illusion. It may feel more comfortable, but essentially it cuts you off from reality. Develop the intuition. The way to develop the intuition is to meditate, do Transmission Meditation, the number one meditation to bring about soul development and intuition. Divinity is that blessed state in which you see reality absolutely clearly. That cannot be done with only the faculties of the lower mind. It is not possible to see reality with the physical, astral and mental body alone.”

– Benjamin Creme

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A Message from Maitreya
“My major need today is for those who share My vision to accept the responsibility of action. Many millions there are in the world who know the need of man, who see that vision, but know not the urgency of the time. I rely on all those with a knowledge of your brothers’ needs, a sympathy for the sufferings of so many, and a will to change all that. May you be among those upon whom I may call, that together we can usher in a new and better world.”
(Maitreya, from Message No. 46)
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