October 2021
Man’s Responsibility
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

From the earliest times, mankind has feared the natural disturbances of our planetary home. Cataclysms of unimaginable ferocity have destroyed huge areas of the Earth’s surface over and over again. This fact is hard for many to accept and raises, always, grave doubts in the minds of many religious people about the veracity of God’s love for humanity. How can we believe in a loving God who allows thousands of people to be killed in earthquakes, tsunamis and the rest? Were humanity to understand their own involvement in such planetary destruction, they could play a significant role in preventing its occurrence.

The Earth’s crust, as it has evolved over the ages, is not single and evenly spread around the world. As is well known, it takes the form of various plates at different depths, which overlap and are in relatively constant movement. Countries and cities which lie on or near the plate edge, or fault-lines, are consequently subjected to earthquakes and, if near oceanic regions, tsunamis. It is not a question of God’s love failing humanity but of seismic pressure which must be released. What, we may ask, causes seismic pressure to grow to such a destructive extent?

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The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

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Watch video: “Benjamin Creme, San Francisco, 2001”
Benjamin Creme speaks on our individual responsibility to achieve world peace and the need for unity on a global scale, economic justice through the redistribution of the world’s resources, the importance of the United Nations and saving planet Earth with help from the Space Brothers.
Be a Lighthouse – the Path of Service
Man is made to serve both God and Man, and only through that correct service can the path to God be trodden. Each man is a lighthouse and sheds abroad his light for his brother. Make bright your lamp and let it shine forth and show the way. All are needed, every one. No one is too small or young to take part in this great Plan for the rescue and the rehabilitation of our world. Resolve to do this and be assured that My help will not be withheld. How to start? Begin by dedicating yourself and all that you are and have to the service of your brothers and sisters everywhere. Make sure that not one day passes without some act of true service and be assured that My help will be yours. This, the Path of Service, is the only path for True Men, for it is the path which leads them to God.
— From Messages from Maitreya the Christ

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Transmission Meditation

Q&A with Benjamin Creme

Q. Is Transmission Meditation sufficient in the field of service, or should other forms of service come with it?

A. Transmission Meditation will be sufficient for the whole of your service life, if you apply yourself sufficiently to it. But there is a world out there to save, and a thousand different ways to serve. It need not be the totality of service. You will find that whatever else you do – any other form of meditation, of service, of activity – will be potentized by doing Transmission Meditation.

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