November 2021
The forward path
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

Preparatory to every shift in human consciousness there is a pause, a moment of stillness, in which the achievements of the past are reappraised and, if found wanting, discarded. Thus it is today as man assesses what is relevant and needful to preserve for future use, and what is dispensable in the light of his growing awareness and insight. Left to himself, this period for man would be long indeed. Many are the experiments which he would require to make, and many are the possibilities of error which could occur, ere the right path was found and the right steps taken.

From now on, man can avail himself, if he so chooses, of the help and experience of Us, his Elder Brothers, Who stand ready to aid and inspire when called upon to do so.

Thus is this a time without precedent, when the Helpers are at hand in every situation, careful to maintain man’s divine free will, but eagerly willing to give of Their age-long wisdom and hard-fought-for experience and knowledge.

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The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

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Benjamin Creme speaks on the state of the world: a time without precedent, the Masters among us and the awakening of humanity to its essential oneness.
Brotherhood – keynote of the Aquarian Age
There is no doubt of the new spiritual awakening which is everywhere taking place, which must eventually lead to an era of world brotherhood – the keynote of the coming age of Aquarius. What is happening now is the outcome of inner forces, which are effecting great changes in human thinking and consciousness. This will result in the complete reorganization of the world’s institutions and social structures which no longer answer man’s true needs.
— From The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom

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Transmission Meditation

Q&A with Benjamin Creme

Q. When we do Transmission Meditation, does the thought process stop automatically?

A. No. The nature of the lower mind is to think; that monkey-mind jumps about all the time. But there are various techniques for slowing the activity of the mind, the best of which is the slowing of the breath. You will find that the breath and the thought come from the same source. As you slow down the breath, you slow down the thought. When you slow down the thought, you slow down the breath. The two processes work together. You do not have to stop thinking in order to transmit energy. All you have to do is to establish an alignment between the physical brain and the soul.

We encourage you to first learn about Transmission Meditation from the sources below and then connect with the meditation group coordinator for your region (see regional links above). During Covid, groups are temporarily not meeting in person but via Zoom link. If you would like to participate in one of these weekly online meditations – which includes one during the monthly full moon period – please email your name, city and state using our contact page.

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