VOL. 40, NO. 10 — DECEMBER 2021
This month’s authors
3 The Teachers and the taught
by the Master —
3 The curse of commercialization
by the Master —
4 Point of view:
A world without money
by Robert C. Koehler
4 This month in Share International
10 People power will deliver what
historic polluters are not
11 Signs of the time:
“Those who search for signs ...”
14 The big impact of ‘Little Amal’
by Tara Creme
15 Indian farmers’ protest –
victory for people power
16 The disciple’s responsibility in
crucial times – Part Five
by Anne Marie Kvernevik
18 The science of contact and
by Aart Jurriaanse
20 45 million people are
at famine’s door
by Peyvand Khorsandi and Paul Anthem
21 Letters to the editor:
Beautiful greeting
23 Questions and answers
by Benjamin Creme
Benjamin Creme (1922-2016), British artist,
author and esotericist, was the founding editor
of Share International. His telepathic contact
with a Master of Wisdom allowed him to receive
up-to-date information on Maitreya’s
emergence and to expand on the Ageless
Wisdom Teachings.
The Master — is a senior member of the Hier-
archy of the Masters of Wisdom; His name,
well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being
revealed for various reasons. Benjamin Creme
had a constant telepathic contact with this
Master Who dictated His articles to him.
Paul Anthem, based in the United Kingdom,
is a Senior Communications Officer for the World
Food Programme.
Tara Creme is a Share International co-worker
based in London, UK.
Elisa Graf is a Share International co-worker
based in Steyerberg, Germany.
Aart Jurriaanse (1907-2002) was a South
African author of compilations from the books of
Alice A. Bailey; among many other titles is
Bridges which is a commentary on these
Peyvand Khorsandi, based in London, is a
Senior Writer, UN World Food Programme.
Robert Koehler is an award-winning,
Chicago-based journalist and nationally
syndicated writer and author of Courage Grows
Strong at the Wound (2016). For more
information visit: commonwonders.com.
Anne Marie Kvernevik is a Share International
co-worker based in Norway.
5 Open letter to governments of the
world and international institutions
at COP26, Glasgow 2021
7 The need to make manifest our
ideals – a compilation
9 Seed saving and sharing –
a simple but radical act
by Elisa Graf
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“Everyone has the right to a standard of living ad-
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his family, including food, clothing, housing, and
medical care and necessary social services, and the
right to security in the event of unemployment, sick-
ness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of
livelihood in circumstances beyond their control.”
(Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 25,
adopted by the United Nations December 1948)
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The picture reproduced on the cover is ‘Vision’
by Benjamin Creme, 1961. Inspired by writings of
incent van Gogh, Benjamin Creme envisioned
the art of the future as depicted in this painting. In
the centre is the inner spiritual fire of Cosmos
embodied by the Cosmic Egg, above an altar shape
as if presenting itself to humanity through some
, perhaps of religion but in this case through
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December 2021
In the December 2021 Share International
In this issue, we reprint two articles written by Benjamin
Creme’s Master, one in 2004 and the other in 2009. Both are
apt, providing as they do vital guidance; both show us our
predicament and offer help – if only… “All that is required is
the request from man himself. All that is needed is the
readiness to accept the advice and wisdom of the Brotherhood,
and to change direction.”
After the UN COP26 Summit in Glasgow, pundits, activists
and scientists are analyzing the outcomes. There was so much
the world hoped for, there was much more that could have
been achieved; while a few small but significant breakthroughs
were made, we, the public spectator, are left feeling saddened,
our hopes for a ‘change of direction’ deferred. Activists dismiss
the summit deliberations as ‘more hot air’ and are determined
to carry on in people’s forums and ongoing campaigns to
secure the planet’s future.
This month we have provided articles expressing the hopes
and demands of people wanting change; we felt obliged,
however, to show the shameful effects of a divided world,
whereas Maitreya’s advice – to share the world’s resources –
would solve most major problems at a stroke. There is no
doubt that the world is changing for the better, that there is
forward momentum and the help of the Masters is there for
the asking. It is also a fact that suffering and misery are still
with us and this month’s Compilation stresses the need for us
to make real and concrete our ideals. Our intentions may be
good but the lack of worldwide commitment and consensus
spells the ongoing destruction of our planet, while for refugees
it means a struggle for survival – whether on the
Mediterranean or the English Channel in overcrowded boats, in
sub-zero temperatures in no-man’s-land between Belarus and
Poland or dying in drought-ridden Madagascar or war-torn
Yemen. The story about ‘Little Amal’ touches the best in all;
she represents the migrant – the stranger knocking at the
At this time of the year, the symbols of hope of a better
future are cherished. Could we hope that Maitreya was with
the activists and the delegates in Glasgow, negotiating for our
future and that of the planet? Could it be that “Men
everywhere are at last ready for a new interpretation of the
meaning and purpose of life, for sharing, justice and peace…”?