June 2024
Credit: Bela Geletneky
Call to reason
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
The time is soon coming when men will realize that the most important problem facing this generation is the ecological imbalance which threatens vast areas of Earth. As you know, men are divided as to the extent of this problem but unless their attention is squarely fixed on this ecological dilemma, the future for many is under question.  
Soon many groups will realize the full import of this danger and that, year by year, little separates them from disaster. The forces unleashed by global warming are now well beyond the control devices available to men.  
Hearken, therefore, while there is still a little time. For the waters rise inexorably, and men gamble, blithely, with their future.  
S.O.P. – Save Our Planet.  

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Share International Magazine
In the June issue
From the Editor: In this issue, as in all, we reflect on world trends and events, to highlight the good, the amazingly good and the not-good (the problems in urgent need of solutions and change).
Read all about it! The news and the lack of factual news coverage; freedom of speech versus censorship; democracy and the denial of democratic rights; justice and the rejection of justice and equality. We present reports and articles about the absence of leadership. As elderly leaders connive at genocide, students have become the adults in the room, leading the way, protesting for peace and against war crimes.
We draw attention to the plight of our planet but following that article is a close and fascinating look at the role of the soil – the earth we walk on and tend to take for granted – see Part Three of a book review about L’origine du Monde.
Professor Jeffrey Sachs provides a lasersharp analysis of the Likud Party’s ‘Palestine policy’ and the impact of Israel’s relationship with American interests: “Likud’s strategy relies entirely on the US for Israel’s security, as the sole blocking force in a world community that is increasingly united and aghast at Israel’s massive war crimes, and in favor of imposing the two-state solution on an utterly recalcitrant Israel. Yet US core interests – economic, financial, commercial, diplomatic, and military – are at odds with becoming isolated with Israel within the international system.”
Benjamin Creme answers questions about healing, medicine, karma and illness. Aart Jurriaanse writes about the future of medicine and healing; and an article about Beethoven’s 9th symphony is included, in particular the final choral movement that speaks to humanity’s longing for harmony, cooperation and healing of the spirit.
There is no denying the call and warning issued by Benjamin Creme’s Master in his article ‘Call to reason’. Beethoven and Schiller also call to us across time.
Beethoven’s gloriously hopeful music combines with Schiller’s poem, the ‘Ode to Joy’, to rally the human spirit and our longing for peace: “Be embraced, you millions!”

This issue of the magazine also includes an Editorial giving further insights into the current world situation and Benjamin Creme’s Master’s statement in 2006: “Steadily, humanity moves forward to its Great Decision. Unbeknown to all but a few, men are being tested as never before in their long history on Earth. Men now face the choice: to see the world as One and share, and know security and blessed Peace and happiness, or to witness the end of life on Earth.” Read the editorial here.
Maitreya’s Priorities
Maitreya sees all people as members of one family, thereby prioritizing the human right of all for nourishing food, safe housing, effective medical care and all the education needed for individual sustenance and self-development. Beyond these come environmental restoration and the preservation of nature in its myriad forms. In this section we highlight examples of positive actions and trends in these directions. Refer to the source/s for more in-depth information.
Maitreya has appealed to humanity to commit to saving, protecting, and healing the environment. Encouraging news is emerging from the tiny Caribbean nation of Aruba where a draft constitutional amendment would make it the second country (behind Ecuador) to recognize that nature has a right to exist. Aruba’s government is moving to enshrine two environmental rights into its constitution that would recognize that nature has inherent rights and also affirm a human right to a “clean, healthy and sustainable environment.” Most important, the Preamble for the bill affirms one of the principle reasons for the new rights rests on the understanding that “human well-being depends on the well-being of nature….”
The bill, sponsored by Aruba’s minister of nature, Ursell Arends, is expected to be completed by this summer and garner the required two-thirds vote from the 21-member legislature. This small country with a population of 120,000 relies almost entirely on tourism which, in turn, is reliant upon the island’s white sand beaches, coastal ecosystems and oceans. Aruba would join roughly 30 countries in the world – including Spain, Bolivia and Uganda – who have some legislative or judicial recognition that nature, certain ecosystems or individual species possess inherent rights, such as the right to exist and regenerate.
Saving of the planet
The number one priority immediately following the Appearance and acceptance by humanity will be the saving of the starving millions of the world; Maitreya will advocate a crash programme of aid. After that, the number one priority will be the saving of the planet – the changing of our political and economic structures which will enable a sustainable economy to be created – for example, the world’s primeval forests, on which we depend for our very oxygen let alone the medicinal plants which are ‘stolen’ by the pharmaceutical industries today, will be maintained. Every man, woman and child on the planet, I would say above four years of age, has to be engaged in this. Maitreya will recommend – and there are groups now all over the world responding to this idea – a sustainable economy: we will have to live more simply so that all of us can live, and so that our children’s children, on into the future, can live on Planet Earth.
— From Maitreya’s Mission, Volume Three

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Columbia, MO Earth Day
“This is the first time we had a double canopy without a wall separating the two. It felt spacious and inviting for people to come inside. There was great attendance at the fair that seemed as many as attend the Earth Day St. Louis fair (although theirs is a 2-day affair while ours is one day). Also the variety and number of booths also compared favorably with St. Louis' event.” (Columbia, MO group)
Outreach Activities in the Southeast Region
“There has been a higher level of interest at outreach activities in the Southeast this year. Visitors to our booth at the Alive Expo in Duluth, GA in May were constant throughout the day. For the first time in years, we were involved in meaningful conversations every hour with people asking a wide range of serious and engaging questions about Maitreya and the Masters. The lithograph of Benjamin Creme’s painting ‘OM Overshadowing the Earth’ attracted the eye of many. One woman photographed Ben’s esoteric description of the painting so that she could later meditate on its profound meaning. Folks were glad to take our brochures and information sheets when they left. Also, the number of newcomers to our monthly Full Moon Introduction to Transmission Meditation has increased significantly during the Festivals of Easter and Wesak.” (Southeast group)
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Transmission Meditation

Meditation – the journey inward


“All the Masters are living in perfected bodies (resurrected bodies, in the Biblical sense of resurrection) which are literally light, although they are solid and physical like yours and mine. Gradually, through the incarnational process, the soul brings to each body more and more subatomic matter which is literally light. And as this occurs, we also demonstrate, gradually, the nature of the soul. We become ensouled. Towards the end phase of our evolutionary journey our soul brings us into meditation. In the first life in which this occurs, it may be fleeting, but some contact with meditation is made. In the next life much more is made, until after several lifetimes, meditation becomes a natural activity of the individual in incarnation. This eventually makes the journey inward to the soul automatic.”

— From Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age by Benjamin Creme

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White Buffalo fulfills Lakota (Sioux) Nation prophecy
“An extremely rare white buffalo was born in St. Francis, Kansas, USA on 25 April 2024. A video taken by Jesús Girón was uploaded on Instagram that showed the white calf. It was pointed out that the National Buffalo Association claims one white buffalo calf is born out of every ten-million births. It was stated that two, including the one in St. Francis, were born that week. The other one was in Burnet, Texas. Share International has reported on white buffalo births in the past because it fulfills Lakota (Sioux) Nation prophecy of the coming of a Teacher that will bring harmony. The Instagram account under jmjgrows explained the prophecy that has been handed down for generations among the tribe members. …” (Share International, June 2024)
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