July 2024
Credit: U.S. Air Force art by Staff Sgt. Jamal D. Sutter, 2014
Humanity’s historic choice
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
The time for men to make their historic choice has arrived. Soon, men will come to realize that they must make a momentous decision, one which will determine the future for every man, woman and child, indeed the future for every living creature on Earth: a choice between continuous and ever expanding creativity on planet Earth, or a devastating ending of all life, human and sub-human, on our planetary home.  
Man, unfortunately, has discovered the secret of the awful power which lies hidden in the nucleus of the atom and has harnessed it for war. While humanity is so separated by competition, greed and lust for power, the danger of extinction, by accident or design, is ever present. Men must therefore find a safer way to live.  
So potent today is the individuality of men and nations, so divided have they become in their struggle for life, that they have lost their way and must quickly find it to survive.  
Thus the Great Ones, your Elder Brothers, have sought to show the only way to peace. Only sharing and justice, We say, will bring the peace which, in their hearts, all men desire. Simple indeed is Our recommendation but, so far, difficult for humanity to grasp. Men have divine free will and are the masters of their fate. Take, We advise, the path of sharing and justice which are the garments of Brotherhood, without which a man is not fully a man.

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Share International Magazine
In the July-August issue
From the Editor: “[This month] we chose to highlight the health of the planet and our duty of stewardship; to provide warnings about war and the dark power behind manufactured conflict. We reveal the mysterious world of devas and elementals. Answers provided by Benjamin Creme endorse the idea of our interconnectedness with all kingdoms in nature and our impact on them – witness the current worldwide extreme weather conditions. The Master Jesus lived on as Apollonius, a testament to the reality of reincarnation. Benjamin Creme’s Master advises us to use our free will wisely to choose to save the planet and ‘for the joy of peace, the prosperity of justice, and the bliss of sharing.’”
From this newsletter’s editors: The above barely conveys the powerful content of this double issue. Like every issue, it looks at the world in the context of Maitreya’s and the Masters’ priorities across the vast scope of our civilization: what we are doing right and what we are doing drastically wrong. It continually emphasizes the need for us to act from our freewill so they may offer ever-more support within the Law – and ultimately work openly at our side.
We are aware that some co-workers have chosen not to subscribe/renew to Share International for various reasons. Surely it’s not about the ultra-modest price of $38/year. Maybe they feel they already know about the emergence of the Spiritual Hierarchy and prefer to get other types of information elsewhere.
In this month’s issue, the Editor reviews the purpose and historical scope of this publication – created at the request of Benjamin Creme’s Master over 40 years ago. Reading her broad view of what has been offered over this time will hopefully encourage all our newsletter readers to see the importance of not only keeping ourselves informed in an increasingly chaotic world, but also to work diligently to share the magazine and its unique message far and wide. Ours is a message of hope that is sorely needed today, and Share International magazine is one of our most important means of communicating it. To keep publishing it requires continuous support from all of us who work for the Reappearance of the Christ. ‘Support’ includes subscribing, donating and spreading its content far and wide. Please don’t miss this month’s editorial reproduced for you here.
Maitreya’s Priorities
In this section we give you some good news to offset the volumes of bad news in your daily diet. While we have to work fearlessly to put sharing, justice and peace on the international agenda, we also have to know we are not alone and progress is being made. This world is populated with millions upon millions of people of goodwill working – knowingly or not – under the inspiration of the Masters and their own souls to improve conditions at personal, local, national or international levels. This is our hope for the future!
This month we offer a short TED Talk given by Gus Hervey, co-creator of ‘Fix the News’ (formerly ‘Future Crunch’), an Australian-based collection of good news reports from media around the world. If you want a counter-balance to your daily news feeds, get a free subscription to their e-newsletter.
Take your stand
I am your Friend and Brother, not a God. It is true that My Father has, once again, sent Me to you; but I come to you who are My brethren, to guide you and lead you, if you will, into a blessed future. My task will be to show you that for mankind the ways part. The signposts are set, and on your decision rests the future of this Earth. We are here together, you and I, to ensure that man chooses the correct path, the only Way which can lead him to God. You are here because in your heart you are responding to My Call, to the fact of My Presence, knowingly or not. Make it then your task to tell the others, to point to the simple way of Truth which beckons mankind. Teach men that to share is divine; to love is God’s nature; to work together is man’s destiny. Take your stand on the only platform from which the Light of the future may be seen. Take your stand, My friends, together, and show the way.”
— From Messages from Maitreya the Christ

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Network News, Programming and Events
The following programs contain wide-ranging information about and related to the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom. Their content offers perspectives on how this is impacting our world today. Please pass this information on to some new people:
A Better World Community – interviews with people making a world of difference
“David Edmund Moody on Krishnamurti in America”
Planetary Makeover – A collection of audio and video interviews on a wide range of topics. Scroll down to this month’s featured interview:
“An Immigrant’s Tale: Helping Her Community Achieve Financial Wisdom and Fair Housing, Part 2”
Mystic Takeaway – interviews on spiritual experiences
“Happiness is knowing one’s mission in life”
What in the World is Happening? – View dozens of past episodes on Facebook and YouTube.
“The Dawning of a New Age Explained”

Since the earliest days of Benjamin Creme’s presentation of the Reappearance message, groups in New Zealand have maintained a multi-faceted program of outreach. Recently reported at the Midwest Regional Conference in May: a monthly newsletter to 1,000 mail/email subscribers; monthly NZ Listener magazine ads; a collection of expo-style display boards; public talks with multimedia powerpoint presentations; a NZ website, DropBox, and Facebook/social media pages; and in-person and Zoom Transmission Meditations.
Regular radio podcasts across NZ's main cities offer a mix of commentary, panel discussions and reading excerpts from Share International magazine. The podcast files are then converted to video files and uploaded to their NZ YouTube channel.
And here’s a report on a group activity focused on Share International magazine:
The Richmond TM group had a 2-week display at their local library, which was subsequently offered a gift subscription. They photocopied interesting and varied articles and mounted them on boards. Alongside the display was a pile of magazines, SOP stickers, etc., inviting people to take anything of interest. An ad was put in a local paper. A flyer which was included with the SI newsletter offered this encouragement to attend: “Share International Magazine Display. Visit the library May 6th - May 19th and meet SHARE INTERNATIONAL. Prepare to be interested and informed, maybe even intrigued and inspired by the wealth of varied material displayed from this unique magazine. Take home a free back issue or a copy of the Hand or The Great Invocation … or just ENJOY. Share International magazine gives Hope for a better future." The library also set up a stand of books to support the type of material on display.
UFO reporting
Many of you will know of the work of Gerard Aartsen of the Netherlands who has authored numerous books on UFOs, George Adamski and other early contactees, as well as more recent prominent people with direct experience. In addition, Gerard has become a frequent guest on radio & TV shows that include extra-terrestrial content. News and links to some of these interviews can be found here.
Especially relevant to Share International, Gerard says “As always, in my interviews I try to place the presence of the Space Brothers in the wider context of the imminent emergence of the World Teacher whenever possible, and so hopefully help listeners see the light at the end of the global clouds of thunder that dominate the news these days.”
See also Gerard’s website given below as another resource for Ageless Wisdom study.
New documents added to SI.us “Introductory Resources” page
This updated page on the SI USA website – www.share-international.us/learn/ – now offers 19 total PDF files alongside the web brochures featured at the top. These PDF documents also reside under the share-international.us/documents/ folder and are meant for anyone to view/download/distribute, including co-workers and the general public. They cover various aspects of the Emergence, the Prayer for the New Age, Maitreya’s hand and Transmission Meditation. Our newest brochure “Nuclear Power: A Dangerous Choice” is included. The primary introductory pieces are available in both English and Spanish.
The Introductory Resources page can be reached from the homepage using the “Background Information” link below the first paragraph.
Share International enters the blogosphere
A new feature has been added to the SI USA website, accessible via the Blog button on the menu at the top of the home page (at share-international.us). Articles in the SI USA Substack account have been duplicated on our blog to make them more widely available. Blog articles address topics such as the momentous time we’re in, service, polarization, and nuclear power and focus on their relevance to the emergence and priorities of Maitreya and the Masters. We highly recommend you start with the latest article “We Have a Choice.”
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Transmission Meditation

The purpose of our existence


“The purpose of our evolutionary existence, then, is to manifest the soul’s qualities on the physical plane, and so to spiritualize matter. Meditation provides a more-or-less scientific means, depending on the meditation, of contacting the soul and gradually becoming at one with the soul, so that it can manifest clearly and potently on the physical plane. When we see such individuals, we perceive them as radiating meaning and purpose – for example, exceptionally creative artists, scientists, politicians or educators. Such persons are quite obviously governed by a force altogether different from the norm. It is the energy of the soul which is pouring through them, making them the creative beings who enrich our culture and civilization.

Transmission Meditation is the simplest method I know to accomplish this soul contact. Many meditations require that the individual master a powerful concentrated mental activity, which is more than most people can do. What people call meditation is often not meditation but simply concentration or even just reverie. There are five stages of meditation, each one leading gradually into the next: concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination, and inspiration. Transmission Meditation can enhance all of these.”

— From Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age by Benjamin Creme

New to Transmission?

Try one of our weekly online meditations with instruction. To participate please email us your name, city and state using our contact page. Learn more about this world service activity here.
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