April 2024
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The blasphemy of war
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
Twice, last century, the world was convulsed by total war, two terrible phases of one war which cost humanity many millions of lives. Each was meant to be "the war to end war", but still there are those who plot and plan for yet another trial of strength, with weapons of even greater destructiveness. How long, we must ask, will it take man to realize that war solves nothing, proves nothing and adds only pain and loss to the peoples of Earth?
A major reason for the Masters' return to the everyday world is, precisely, to remind men of this, to so influence their thinking that they turn away from war for ever. So many nations today possess the nuclear bomb, the most destructive weapon ever conceived and built, that a future major war would be the ultimate horror: the complete destruction of life on planet Earth. For many millions of years Earth would be a dead planet, a toxic waste. Men, themselves, would have to incarnate on some dark, far-off world, and begin again the long, long journey into the light.
You may be sure that when Maitreya, imminently, begins His open mission, He will face men with this problem and its outcome, and offer His solution and advice. War, He will remind men, is a blasphemy, a detestation and crime against all men, involved or not. War, He will say, must be considered thus if humanity and the lower kingdoms are to survive.
Sharing and justice alone, He will say, will ensure the future for men. Strive for unity and co-operation for the men of Earth are One. "See your brother as yourself" and take the first step into your divinity. "Take your brother's need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course."
Thus will Maitreya speak to the people of Earth. Thus will He endeavour to change the direction of their thinking.
Will the people listen to and act on His advice? Fear and foreboding fill the minds of men: ancient habits of thought die hard and are loath to change.
More and more, however, the problems and privations which accompany the economic collapse of today encourage men to seek new ways of living, and turn their thoughts to sharing, to the creation of a more just and generous world. Thus are many ready to respond to Maitreya's words. Many, of course, are not ready to change. Many are content with the present situation, expecting an 'upturn' in the markets before too long, when they will begin again to make money from air for their company and themselves.
Many, too, in the religious fields, will welcome little the appearance of Maitreya. Bereft of knowledge, clinging to their man-made dogmas, they will find in Maitreya, the Lord of Love, the abomination of evil that they fear. But not all. Many religious groups around the world have seen and heard Maitreya's words before, albeit in another guise. They will remember the Teacher Who appeared to them and planted the seeds of sharing and justice in their minds, while endowing their lands with the Waters of Life from Aquarius.
Eventually so great will be the pressure for a better, a fairer and a safer world that even the most bigoted will add their voices to the clamour for change. Thus will it be.

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Share International Magazine
From the April issue
Editor’s comment: “If not now, when? If not us, who?”
In the title to this piece there is history and our place in it – and therefore our responsibility. A question surely millions ask themselves every morning as the news headlines roll in: ‘Why isn’t the whole world screaming in protest?’ A horror beyond any nightmare plays out on our screens; do we simply accept a new and degraded definition of what it is to be human and what the rule of law meant and once guaranteed? An ancient evil has been unleashed on the planet. How are we to respond?
One question must trouble us: as witnesses are we complicit? Are we contributing to the apparently limitless depravity now let loose on the world? Is there an antidote available to rid ourselves of the toxicity of our times?...Read more
Maitreya’s Priorities
Operation Safeena: Aid shipment reaches northern Gaza
“World Central Kitchen provided almost 200 tons of food in northern Gaza that arrived on our first maritime aid shipment. The food that reached families facing starvation arrived aboard the first humanitarian shipment to reach the Gazan coast in nearly two decades. Alongside local and international partners, WCK has provided more than 39 million meals by land, sea, and air to Palestinians in need.
Today’s delivery of rice, flour, legumes, vegetables, and proteins to families in the north, where access to aid is highly restricted, proves desperately needed food can be delivered by sea. In addition to the food that arrived by sea on the Open Arms boat, today’s convoy to the north also carried ready-to-eat meals.
For months, our teams across the region have worked nonstop to open this maritime aid route into Gaza. We are sourcing and loading food onto boats in Cyprus and built our own jetty in Gaza using rubble, including from bombed buildings, to safely unload cargo.
WCK will eventually be able to provide ‘huge quantities of food daily into the shores of Gaza,’ said José Andrés, WCK’s founder. Our teams are currently preparing to dispatch our second maritime shipment that will include food and heavy machinery that will expedite the offloading process.
Still, much more needs to be done. José has called for a ceasefire and opening of as many land crossings as possible as the best ways to ensure Palestinians get the meals and water they need. To date, we have dispatched more than 1,500 trucks and know that many more are needed to meet the urgent needs of communities all across Gaza.” (From World Central Kitchen newsletter 3-19-24)
Three Spring Festivals
During the spring full moons (March, April and May this year), spiritual energies are at their most powerful because of the sun–moon–earth alignment and the potency of these ancient festivals. Group meditation, and particularly Transmission Meditation, provides a unique opportunity for us to invoke these evolutionary energies for spiritual service – something especially helpful during this time of planetary transformation. Transmission group members are encouraged to ‘connect’ with any Share International groups – virtual or in person – at the time/s the groups have chosen. This information is sent to group members in a separate communication.
If you are new to Transmission Meditation, we invite you to join a special Zoom introduction and meditation on Tuesday, April 23, 7:30 pm EDT celebrating the second of these festivals – Taurus. Use this link to register through Eventbrite.
Below we have provided an article from a Master of Wisdom about the importance of these festivals, a brief description of each, and some simple meditation guidelines. You may also wish to sit quietly and meditate on the exact day of each full moon, starting with April 23rd...Read more
The Plan of God
The Plan is not some vague, cosmic idea in the mind of a great cosmic entity, but something that has exact relevance to our lives. It has to do with right human relationships, and therefore with politics, economics, religion, science and education, and whether the poor get enough to eat, whether there are too many poor and too many rich, and whether the gap between them is too great. All of this is part of the Plan of God. God’s Plan is not a set of rules that you have to obey, but ideas which in themselves have an inner beauty, an inner relevance because they are at the very heart of the spiritual basis of our lives. When we aim at right relationship, we automatically create structures – political, economic, and social – which allow that to take place.
— From The Great Approach: New Light and Life for Humanity

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SoulSearch Enlightenment Expos – San Francisco Bay Area
In recent booths at SoulSearch Enlightenment Expos in the San Francisco Bay Area, our group has taken a new approach to encourage attendance at our talk, “A Hopeful Message for Humanity from Maitreya, the Christ”.
A bowl of small scrolls offers passers-by a free “message of hope”, each one a quote from Maitreya’s Messages. In a follow-up conversation, we offer a bookmark-sized ticket with details of the talk on one side, the Great Invocation and our web site on the other.
At the talk we distribute the text of Message 100 on a double-sided sheet. After an introduction to Maitreya, the Masters of Wisdom, and the work of Benjamin Creme, we play Creme’s recorded introduction to the Messages in which he explains how they were conveyed by mental overshadowing. As we then play Message 100, the audience can follow along on the distributed copy. After questions and discussion, we introduce Transmission Meditation and meditate for the remainder of the session. This approach has been quite successful in providing a focused experience of Maitreya’s energy throughout both the recording and the following Transmission. (From the San Francisco Bay Area group)
And this just in from SoCal: The Burbank, CA SoulSearch event March 23-24 drew 25 attendees to the Share International lecture. As one co-worker put it “SoulSearch seems to magnetize deeper spiritual attendees than many other similar events. Worth continuing!”
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Vancouver, BC – monthly presentations of the Reappearance message along with Transmission Meditation. The next two meetings, April 22 and May 22, will observe the Spring Festivals of Wesak and Humanity (respectively) with an explanation and Transmission Meditation. See above under ‘Three Spring Festivals’ for the description and significance of these ancient Festivals. The June presentation, entitled PEACE, will address the urgent need for peace, and sharing as the only way to achieve it, as outlined by Maitreya.
Edmonton, Alberta – free monthly public meditation talks. Here’s a local opportunity to learn about and experience Transmission Meditation.
Quebec – the Partage International website is available in both French and English, with all their information and activities included.
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Transmission Meditation

Spiritual Energies from the Kingdom of Souls


“The energies are of very many different kinds and qualities, and therefore have different names. One is called Will; another is Love. We think of ‘love’ as the kind of emotion that people feel between each other. Of course emotion has something to do with Love, but at a lower level of the great cosmic energy. Love, which the Masters send into the world in its pure form, is the cohesive, magnetic force binding the atoms of matter and the units of humanity together. The evolutionary aim is that we shall be bound together by the energy of Love and demonstrate it in our lives. Unfortunately, humanity as a whole does not do this as yet, but in the coming Age of Aquarius we shall manifest the quality of Love just as powerfully and clearly and correctly as today we demonstrate the energy which we call Knowledge. Our science and technology are the direct result of our ability today to manifest the energy of Knowledge. Two thousand years ago we could not do so.”

— From Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age by Benjamin Creme

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