July 2023
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The Great Mother
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
More than men think, the world is changing for the better. Despite the ominous clouds drifting across the planet from time to time, the main thrust of events is positive and hopeful. How much more is this the case than is apparent to men only the manifold means at the disposal of Hierarchy can ascertain. However, there are still grave concerns which men ignore at their peril. Chief among these is the environment which, men must know, they daily undermine. This despoliation of nature now threatens the well-being of all and augurs badly for future generations. Pollution of the planet has now reached dangerous, life-threatening levels, thus weakening man’s inherent immunity and bringing again to the fore diseases once thought vanquished for ever.
Men must realize their responsibility for the planet on which they live. Stewards, men are, of a strong but sensitive organism and must protect it from harm. Few, today, can claim that this they do. On the contrary, men waste and ride roughshod over nature’s generous munificence, unheedful of tomorrow or their children’s needs. True it is that many are awakening to this problem, but until it is understood as the concern of all, and tackled globally, little progress will be made in changing direction.
You can be sure that Maitreya is not unmindful of the dangers to mankind if they ignore this pressing difficulty. He will urge men to work – everyone – for the planet’s restoration, and point the way to a simpler and happier life.
Once restored again to health the planet will continue to give its bounty to all who approach with care and love. The elementals of the lower kingdoms know well their tasks; free from the influence of men’s disordered thoughts, these industrious builders can, in harmony, create a new and better world.
When men understand nature as the Great Mother of all, they will approach Her with reverence. Thus will She reveal to men Her secrets and laws. Armed with this new knowledge, men will in truth manifest as Gods.
Man is a crucible in which is being created a new Being. In the fiery heat of experience man is gradually learning the ways of God. Slow and painful may be the early steps but in time the pace will quicken. Revelation after revelation will expand his consciousness, leading to a crescendo of creativity and knowledge. Man will stand revealed as a Son of God.
The first step is to awaken to the dangers of the present situation. This is already well advanced and many seek to influence worldwide action. Like so much else, that action awaits a change of heart in major nations – the worst offenders in the pollution of the planet.
Maitreya will lend His voice and age-long knowledge to the coming debate – and speak for those who have no voice and suffer in silence.

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Share International Magazine
In the July issue
From the Editor: “In this issue, you will find … articles written by a Master of Wisdom and one, ‘How JFK would pursue peace in Ukraine,’ written by one of the world’s foremost minds – Jeffrey Sachs – whose insights into current crises are invaluable. … Also here are the voices of a leading economic anthropologist – Jason Hickel … of Indigenous peoples, of an Iranian woman, Sheida Kourangi, describing the heroic uprising in her country of origin, of a Frenchman, Luc Guillory, analyzing popular protest in his country, and his compatriot, Cyril Dion, whose life and work are a call for a new world. Further, Bette Stockbauer gives a broad overview of history from the point of view of a student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings … Pauline Welch brings faith and finance together and describes how world faiths are driving practical action for the sake of the planet. [And] Aart Jurriaanse looks to the future describing the New World Religion…” This issue of the magazine covers two months. In next month’s newsletter we’ll cover its other focus: the historic Disclosure Project UFO press conference that took place June 12, 2023 and related material from the Master ‒ and Benjamin Creme.“
Maitreya’s Priorities
Maitreya sees all people as members of one family, thereby prioritizing the human right of all for nourishing food, safe housing, effective medical care and all the education needed for individual sustenance and self-development. Beyond these come environmental restoration and the preservation of nature in its myriad forms. In this section we will highlight examples of positive actions and trends in these directions. Refer to the Source/s for more in-depth information.
The Bridge Builders
In our January issue we pointed you to Future Crunch’s list of 99 top positive stories for 2022 – demonstrating there is a gigantic force for good operating in the world – right under the noses of our mainstream media. With little or no worldly recognition, countless men, women, and children selflessly serve their fellow creatures (all of us) and our planetary home through countless acts of kindness, creativity and relentless hard work.
This month we want to share the results of their three-year project, “Humankind.” In August 2020, they began a mission: to discover a person every week who was working to improve our world. The result: 100 inspiring stories about people “who have worked tirelessly under the radar for years, sometimes decades, showcasing the best of what it means to be human, without a film crew, hashtag or sponsorship deal…They’re the bridge builders, providing safe passage across the divides of war, politics, and echo chambers – to guide us back to each other.” Give yourself a dose of inspiration and hope for the future – Maitreya’s counsel in action.
Read about this amazing project.
Hear Future Crunch’s Amy Davoren-Rose talk about it on A Better World radio.
A new science to beautify Earth
A new, divine science will become his. Through its means, man will harness the energies of the Universe for his diverse needs and transform and beautify this Earth. As custodians of this science We, the Masters of Wisdom, will reveal its secrets, stage by stage, as man equips himself correctly for its use. Then the gateway to the heavens will open and man will find himself on a journey without end. The cosmos, near and far, will be the subject of his research; infinity will beckon him ever onwards and test his valour. A new stream of thought is entering men’s lives which will galvanize them into action. A new, creative potency will manifest itself on all sides and, in gathering momentum, the secrets of Life will be discovered and revealed. Man stands now on the threshold of great things. Marvels await his astonished gaze. The limitations of the past will soon lose their hold and free him to explore the cosmos and himself.
— From A Master Speaks, Volume One

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Spiritual tension is the outcome of spiritual aspiration and service – meditation, or work connected with the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters, work which has a spiritual ideal as the generating energy for the work. ... [It] reaches a point which can then be seen in some creativity ... when you have built up the spiritual tension to a point when the pressure forces you into spiritual action. ... It is action for the good of the world. Whatever transforms the world into a better state; every such action is spiritual whether it is on the physical, emotional, mental, or soul plane. Whatever brings the person or humanity as a whole to a higher level is fundamentally spiritual.

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