January 2023
OCG Saving The Ocean
The role of man
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
In time, men will come to understand the true nature of their relationship with the lower kingdoms, and accept gladly the role of steward for their evolution. This will lead to a transformation in all aspects of farming and agriculture, in forestry and fishing. Gone forever will be the present methods: despoliation of forest and soil; over-cultivation of impoverished land; greedy and reckless pursuit of many species of animal and fish.
A halt must soon be called to this unholy war on nature’s bounty. No longer must men allow the poisoning of the earth and waters, which threatens the lives of man and beast alike. No longer is it fitting to engage in farming methods which prohibit the basic rights of movement and access to air and light. The cruel exploitation, for experiment, of countless creatures must give way to saner means of research and knowledge.
Many, today, are concerning themselves with these issues and calling for change. Men’s minds are moving in the right direction and naught can halt this momentum. Nevertheless, vast changes are needed forthwith to maintain the ecological balance in the world.
When the Earth is viewed as a living entity, complete in all its parts, each essential to the Whole, a new vision and a new sanity will prevail. Men will come to see themselves as stewards of a natural order, preordained to function in harmony and beauty, each kingdom related, above it and below it, according to the Plan.
Today, vast sums are spent on research into nature’s laws. At the same time, enormous resources are wasted and misused. Were these resources directed to stabilizing the natural balance, a new world would emerge. Man would find himself the possessor of secrets long hidden from him. He would enter areas of knowledge until now closed to his enquiring mind. Nature would yield up her mysteries and man would begin a partnership with the creating Logos, taking his rightful place as custodian of the Plan.
Man has the power to make all things new or to destroy his world; never before has such omnipotence been his. To ensure the correct use of this power requires the expression of a wisdom seldom seen today, but one that man must find within himself or die.
Fortunately for the race, man is not alone. From behind the scenes of life is now emerging a group of Knowers; men endowed with all the attributes of God. From Them will flow the wisdom of the ages to guide and shepherd man along the way.
Under Their inspiration, man will retrace his steps and begin anew. Under Their wise tutelage will he begin the ascent into divinity, to demonstrate that divinity, potential, but unexpressed.  
Thus will men in time become the Knowers, servants alike of the Purposes of God. From them, then, will flow a stream of universal wisdom to nurture all together in the furtherance of the Plan.

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Share International Magazine
In the January–February Issue
This first (double) issue of 2023 is especially powerful and hopeful. While we are assailed daily with dire headlines, people around the world in every field of endeavor are rapidly creating and implementing the changes needed for the emerging New Time. SI ’s editor includes this note that should give special hope to Americans watching the current turmoil in their society and government.
“We also call attention to the crucial role and destiny of the United States in the wellbeing of the world now and in the coming decades. ‘The teachings of Maitreya will awaken and invoke the idealistic soul of the United States, and turn its best citizens to the light which they have always held in their hearts. They will make accord with their brothers and sisters throughout the world, and in unison, inspired by Maitreya, they will bring justice, and therefore peace, to the waiting world.’” (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The waiting world’) Also in this Jan-Feb issue is a compilation on ‘The role and destiny of America.’
Maitreya’s Priorities
Maitreya sees all people as members of one family, thereby prioritizing the human right of all for nourishing food, safe housing, effective medical care and all the education needed for individual sustenance and self-development. Beyond these come environmental restoration and the preservation of nature in its myriad forms. In this section we will highlight examples of positive actions and trends in these directions. Refer to the Source for more in-depth information.
COP15: A turning point for biodiversity
On December 19, 2022, the 12-day COP15 conference on biodiversity, meeting in Montreal under the auspices of the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity, completed its work by adopting the Kunming-Montreal global biodiversity framework (GBF). This 14-page document is the first international agreement to acknowledge that all aspects of nature – animals, plants, rivers, mountains, soil, etc. – have rights equal to those of human beings. And human rights – an issue formerly skirted in biodiversity agreements – were also addressed head-on, with Indigenous peoples’ rights, local communities’ rights and gender equality mentioned throughout the document. The framework is absolutely a turning point, but it isn’t a panacea. It provides agreed-upon goals, an inclusive roadmap, and a plan for implementation – but it will require political will to make it a reality. [Source: Jan-Feb 2023 Share International magazine]
Watch video: “Benjamin Creme on A New Light on Age-Old Questions (3 of 3)”
Benjamin Creme speaks on the qualities of the Seven Rays of Divine Manifestation and their influence on humanity and nations; a deeper understanding of the energy of Love; Maitreya’s response to humanity’s suffering and the significance of the full moon period.
The environment – a key priority
The ecological balance of the world will be one of Maitreya’s main concerns, and He will from the highest level show the misuse of planet Earth and the inevitable results of continuing as we are. The need for action in that regard will become obvious to scientists, and through them, the governments of the world. To some extent, of course, this is already happening, but not enough. We have to simplify our lifestyles and make fewer and more intelligent demands on the planet.
— From The World Teacher For All Humanity

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Transmission Meditation

“Humanity evolves through the correct absorption of the spiritual energies from the Kingdom of Souls. All change, on both an individual and a worldwide scale, is the result of our response to great spiritual forces. We do not see these energies for the most part, but nevertheless they are there. They work through us, and as we respond – by changing and creating new structures, making personal, communal, international decisions – we are responding to these energies.”

– Benjamin Creme in Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age

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