May 2022
The Brotherhood of Man
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
Sooner or later, the reality of their interdependence will dawn upon the nations and their leaders. This realization will bring about an entirely new attitude to the problems with which, today, they wrestle, and will lead to easier, and wiser, solutions of these difficulties. A gradual change in outlook will replace the present fierce competition and confrontation with mutual understanding and co-operation. That not all nations will proceed in this direction at the same pace, must be said, but the effectiveness and obvious sanity of the method will encourage even the least sanguine, eventually, to see the benefits for all. Each step forward will cement this process and hasten the movement towards co-operation. In this way, a healthier relationship will evolve between the nations, leading in time to a true sense of brotherhood.
Many smaller nations recognize, already, the reality of interdependence but lacking power their voices go unheard. Large and powerful nations scorn such notions, their pride in self-sufficiency blinding them to the truth of their relationship with the world. Man evolves but slowly and needs time and experiment to make significant advance, but precisely in this way do these achievements become stable and permanent.
The United Nations is, of course, the forum in which the voice of the smaller nations can be raised and heard. This is only possible when the Security Council, with its arbitrary veto, is abolished. It has outlasted its usefulness and must soon give way to a United Nations Assembly free of the abuses of power and veto.
Then will we see the nations acting without restraints imposed by Great Power veto and financial inducement. Those who call loudest for democracy in foreign lands are strangely blind to its absence in the halls of the United Nations.
Men must come to realize that the people of all the nations are one and equal, dependent each upon the other. No one nation owns, nor can rule, the world. No one nation can stand alone against the rest. The days of empire and dominion are past. Man is on the threshold of a new understanding of his role on planet Earth. This involves a change in his relationship to his fellow travellers on the path to wisdom and true stewardship of the planet’s bounty.
We, your Elder Brothers, will help men to make this change. Maitreya will set before men the alternative to action and the transformation of the world. He will show that without a change of direction the future would be difficult and bleak indeed. He will also inspire men to realize their interdependence, the reality of their Brotherhood.

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Share International Magazine
“In His very first Message to the public via Benjamin Creme on 6 September 1977 Maitreya, the World Teacher, pointed to major problems facing the world and explained: ‘I come to change all that; to show you the way forward – into a simpler, saner, happier life – together. No longer man against man, nation against nation, but together, as brothers, shall we go forth into the New Country.’”
So begins a powerful editorial in the May issue of Share International magazine. We reproduce it with permission to offer a perspective on the current world situation from Share International, which also includes previous insights given by Benjamin Creme.
Spring Festivals
During the spring full moons, spiritual energies are at their most powerful because of the sun–moon–earth alignment and the potency of these ancient festivals. Group meditation, and particularly Transmission Meditation, provides a unique opportunity for us to invoke these evolutionary energies for spiritual service – something especially helpful during this time of planetary transformation. Transmission group members are encouraged to ‘connect’ with any Share International groups at the time/s the groups have chosen. This information is sent to groups in a separate communication. If you are new to Transmission Meditation, we invite you to join a special Zoom introduction and meditation on Thursday, May 12, 7:30 pm EDT celebrating the Wesak Festival. To request the Zoom link, send an email to our Contact page.

Below we have provided a brief description of each Festival and some simple meditation guidelines. You may also wish to sit quietly and meditate on the exact day of the May full moon, May 16th.

The Wesak Festival (Taurus)
Date: May 16
"The festival of Wesak occurs at the time of the full moon in Taurus, usually in May. In the East, it commemorates the enlightenment of the Buddha and is widely celebrated. Wesak marks the high-point in the spiritual year, for it is said that at this time each year, the Buddha returns to the physical plane for a brief moment, bringing an inflow of life and spiritual stimulation to vitalize all of humanity. Thousands of pilgrims gather every year in a remote valley in the Himalayas to re-enact an ancient sacred ceremony based on the legend of Wesak, which has to do with the sharing of the waters of life."
Festival of the Christ/The Festival of Goodwill (Gemini)
Date: June 14
"This will be the Festival of the spirit of humanity aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of June. It will be a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind will be recognised. On this Festival for two thousand years the Christ has represented humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy and in the sight of Shamballa as the God-Man, the Leader of His people, and "the Eldest in a great family of brothers" (Romans VIII: 29). Each year at that time He has preached the last sermon of the Buddha, before the assembled Hierarchy. This will, therefore, be a festival of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual unity, and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of the Christ." (The above quotes are from The Reappearance of the Christ by Alice Bailey, pp. 154-157)


On the day of the full moon, groups throughout the world link up mentally to form a conduit through which these great spiritual energies can reach humanity. You are invited to take part in this world service with these simple steps:

  • Sit in a comfortable position, with head upright and spine straight.
  • To start the meditation, close your eyes, focus your attention at the ajna center (between the eyebrows) and say "The Great Invocation" aloud.
  • Visualize yourself connected to a vast network of triangles surrounding the globe.
  • Keep your attention at the ajna center throughout the meditation. If your attention drops or your mind wanders, silently and  inwardly think the mantram "OM" to refocus. Don’t meditate on “OM”, but simply use it to refocus when needed. 
  • Meditate for as long as you can on this day, but do not direct the energy anywhere. The Masters of Wisdom will know where it is needed most.
An interdependent world
...The civilization of the future will demonstrate qualities we cannot even begin to talk about. We do not have words for what we will see and know ... Nor for the feeling of that relationship when all people see and experience themselves as brothers and sisters of one home, one planet. ... We will truly depend on each other. An interdependent world will be a reality. It is today a reality, but we do not recognize the fact. In this coming time the constructions, the inventions, the extraordinary discoveries latent yet just beyond us at the present moment will become realities.
— From The Art of Living: Living within the Laws of Life

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Network News and Events
Share International LIVE webinars offer programming in three series: (1) The Imperative of Change: Towards a sane and just world; (2) The Reappearance of Maitreya the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom; (3) Interviews and dialogues: Share International in conversation with…
Saturday, June 4 – Share International in conversation with academic neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander III on how a near-death experience transformed his world view. Felicity Eliot explores with Dr. Alexander the convergence of science, spirituality and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Click here to register.
View some of the past webinars on the Share International LIVE website.
These programs are designed to introduce the Reappearance message to the general public. Much time and energy goes into each production by co-workers in various parts of the world. You can help! Please forward the more detailed announcement you receive to as many people as possible outside the Share International community.
North American programming:
  The following events present wide-ranging information about the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom. Their content offers perspectives on how this is impacting our world today:  
“What in the World is Happening?” – a monthly webinar.
Programming will resume June 11th. Watch for a registration link in next month’s newsletter.
Many past episodes are available from Facebook and YouTube.
“Planetary Makeover” – a bi-weekly presentation usually with accompanying video.
Show details
Reappearance groups reach out for Earth Day
  Following are Earth Day reports from Dallas and Los Angeles groups plus the results of a third ad campaign on The Drudge Report. Booths were also sponsored in Winston-Salem, St. Louis, and possibly other locations not yet reported. Please use the link in the next section for complete details about future events.

Share International booth in St. Louis, MO
EarthX and The Drudge Report
The Southwest region launched a banner ad on The Drudge Report, a digital news aggregate, that brought over 10,000 unique visitors to the Share International USA website over a 14 day period ending just after Easter. Then Earthx2022, April 22 - 24, brought together a variety of environmental activists, green energy vendors and organizations focused on educating and inspiring people to take action towards a more sustainable future worldwide. The Dallas group hosted a booth with a banner emphasizing the oneness of humanity and need for sharing. Many people of all ages stopped to learn how Maitreya’s priorities related to cleaning our environment and improving the living situation for millions of people in distress. The podcaster in the next booth asked about and heard our whole Reappearance story and its relevance to environmental issues. One co-worker reported: "I sensed a subtle relief for many visitors who heard a fully inclusive message, one that holds promise for real systemic change.” Another commented: “I was struck by how open people were to hearing about the Masters of Wisdom and Maitreya, and how accepting they were of it. People are worried about our planet Earth, and really do want change. The concept of sharing made sense to them.”
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
Southern California volunteers staffed a booth at this popular annual event on the USC Campus, which is attended by intelligent, inquiring students and older book lovers with wide-ranging interests. About 40 people stopped at the booth to talk, while others simply paused to read their banner: “The world has enough … of hunger, injustice, war. In answer to our call for help, the World Teacher is now here.” Others were drawn to the two colorful pull up signs of crop circles and ‘stars.’ The calibre of the event drew some prominent speakers, such as Amanda Gorman, our first national youth poet laureate, and Congressman Adam Schiff. Other spiritual groups, such as Self-Realization Fellowship and the Theosophical Society, were also represented.   
Find out what's happening in your region.
Use this map to locate your region and view upcoming events.

Transmission Meditation: Yoga of the New Age

“Transmission Meditation is really a combination of two yogas: Karma Yoga, the yoga of service, and Laya Yoga, the yoga of the chakras, the energies. This is the true yoga of the coming age. By taking part in Transmission Meditation, your evolution is propelled forward at an extraordinary rate, because of the potency of the spiritual energies sent through the chakras. The energies galvanize and activate the chakras as they pass through them. The Masters register the point in evolution of any individual by looking at the state of the chakras.”

We encourage you to first learn about Transmission Meditation from the sources below and then connect with the meditation group coordinator for your region (see regional links above). During Covid, groups are temporarily not meeting in person but via Zoom link. If you would like to participate in one of these weekly online meditations – which includes one during the monthly full moon period – please email your name, city and state using our contact page.

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