July 2022
The new civilization
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
At the beginning of this New Age which is dawning, it is difficult for many to imagine the kind of civilization and culture which will grace the succeeding centuries. Most attempts to do so remain enmeshed in a materialistic vision; seldom does one see the effort made to embody the aspiration of mankind for a life of spiritual meaning and expression.
Let us try to envisage the future in terms of the new civilization and culture. Soon, the first steps will be taken in the direction of the new dispensation. Soon, the new signposts will be set, indicating the way ahead for humanity. At first, the changes will be gradual but eventually, in quickening momentum, all will be refashioned.
Let us consider the nature of the elements which will make up the new civilization. The outstanding attitude of the new time will be the attempt to create right relationships, to express goodwill. A massive shift in emphasis from the individual to the group will re-orientate humanity along more fruitful lines, and will reflect itself in the creation of structures more in keeping with the Plan of God. A further characteristic of the future time will be the desire to know better the nature of God and to come into closer relationship with that Divinity. From being peripheral to men’s lives, as is the case today, this aim will become paramount in the lives of millions. Accompanying this new approach to God will be a new reverence for all manifestations of life, thus bringing men into better alignment with the subhuman kingdoms. This new sense of responsibility for the lower kingdoms will speed their evolution and so serve the Plan.
Before long, a new approach to science will open the way for a complete readjustment in men’s attitude to the Reality in which we live. The new science will show humanity that all is One, that each fragmented part of which we are aware is intimately connected with all others, that that relationship is governed by certain laws, mathematically determined, and that within each fragment is the potential of the Whole. This new knowledge will transform men’s experience of the world and of each other and confirm for them the truth that God and man are One. Thus, the new science will demonstrate man’s divinity and will lead to the establishment of the New World Religion. The ancient schism between religion and science will be healed and a new impulse given to man’s spiritual growth.
In this fertile climate, the hidden psychic powers of man will unfold naturally and the vast potential of the human mind will conquer space and time and control the energies of the universe itself. The resources of the human spirit are unlimited. In a crescendo of revelation, the glory of the unseen worlds will be revealed to man’s astonished gaze and the full magnitude of the divine creation will be realized.
All this awaits man as he stands on the verge of the Aquarian experience. The waters of life of Aquarius, channelled to him by the Christ, will awaken in him his dormant divine consciousness and show him to be the God he is. Under the wise guidance of the Christ and His Brothers, man will attain the full stature of revealed divinity which is his birthright, did he but know it.
Stage by stage, century following century, man will build a civilization which will demonstrate his growing manifestation of divinity; a culture in which the beauty of the divine creation will be expressed in all its aspects, a mirror in which the Divine Idea will be reflected in all its glory.
Thus will man take his true place in the scheme of things under the Divine Plan. Thus, under the inspiration of the Christ, will he transform this world – separated by fear, dogma and hate – into that in which the Law of Love governs, in which all men are brothers, in which all that pertains to the divine nature engages man’s attention and controls his life. Thus will man’s dreams of divinity be realized, his potential be achieved, his destiny fulfilled.

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Share International Magazine
“Early in his work, and on his Master’s advice, Benjamin Creme contacted various groups appealing to them to co-operate in order to present to the public a unified approach representative of a new vision for the future of humanity. His call echoed that of his Master for all fields of endeavour to be seen as spiritual. The following two paragraphs, written by Benjamin Creme in the 1970s, dovetail so well with his attempt to reach out and co-operate with other groups:
‘Mankind faces today a great choice: whether we annihilate ourselves or take the steps which will lead us out of the materialistic impasse in which we are caught, and into a state of interdependence, co-operation and sharing for the good of all. Many believe that this is possible only by a concerted effort along political and economic lines. Others feel that we can do little alone; that only direct intervention by Divine Providence can save humanity.
Could it not be that there is truth in both of these approaches? A belief in the fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters opens the door to an understanding that man is not alone: that while we must desire and implement, for ourselves, the political, economic and social changes which will lead to a world community, help and guidance is ready and proffered, when we take the first steps.’” (From the Jul-Aug issue which also includes excerpts from BC’s early correspondence with a member of Britain’s Parliamentary Group for World Government)
Watch video: “Entering the 21st Century” Part 3
In this episode Mr. Creme talks about the regeneration of the world’s political, economic and environmental structures along more just lines and the extraordinary intelligence, advice and inspiration Maitreya and the Masters will provide humanity to accomplish this task.
A world in transformation
This world is in process of change. It is going through a temporary period of extreme trouble and violence and manifested hatreds. But new energies are pouring into the planet all the time, particularly a great energy from a Cosmic Avatar called the Spirit of Peace or Equilibrium. This Avatar works precisely with the Law of Action and Reaction, which we call the Law of Karma. Under this law, action and reaction are opposite and equal. Out of the present violence and discord, hatred and turbulence, we will enter an era of tranquillity and peace, mental and emotional poise, and an established harmony, which will transform the whole world – and in exact proportion to the discord and disharmony of today.
— From The Ageless Wisdom Teaching

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Transmission Meditation

Q&A with Benjamin Creme

Q. Which is the best kind of meditation for the New Age?

A. There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on the individual’s point in evolution, ray structure, background, tradition, and so on. Meditations of all kinds are methods, more or less scientific depending on the meditation, of achieving soul contact and eventual at-onement. In the New Age, group activity will be the main method of work and service. Group meditation will therefore become increasingly the norm. For those with a strong desire to serve, Transmission Meditation provides the most potent and scientific vehicle for service with, at the same time, the most powerful stimulus to personal growth.

We encourage you to first learn about Transmission Meditation from the sources below and then connect with the meditation group coordinator for your region (use the link in the above section to find your region). During Covid, groups are temporarily not meeting in person but via Zoom link. If you would like to participate in one of these weekly online meditations – which includes one during the monthly full moon period – please email your name, city and state using our contact page.

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