December 2022
The end of darkness
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
Nowhere is division and disharmony more prevalent than on Planet Earth. No other planet of our system is so immersed in competition, so ignorant of the benefits of co-operation. Nowhere else is seen the results of such folly: anxiety, illness of all kinds; wealth and poverty side by side, insecurity and war.
Why should this be so? Why should the inhabitants of this most richly fertile world quarrel so over its ownership?
To some extent the answer lies in the very richness of Earth’s resources. Earth is the most densely material of worlds and for long ages men have been in thrall to its material wealth, and have fought and competed for its control. This has brought the human kingdom (and with it the animal) to the verge of destruction. With the nuclear bomb man has brought his very existence into jeopardy.
It is this fact above all which has prompted Maitreya’s decision to return with His group to the everyday world, at least a thousand years ahead of the planned date. His aim is to coax men back from the brink, to show them how dangerous and destructive is their lust for power, their greed and competition.
He will outline for them a simpler way, the way of co-operation, justice and trust.
Many there are today who, in their hearts, renounce the iniquities of the present materialism which pervades the planet. They long for justice and peace and march and demonstrate for their fulfilment. More and more, the peoples of the world are beginning to recognize that together they have the power to change the actions of powerful men. Thus does Maitreya trust the people and gives voice to their demands. Thus does He join their marches and adds His voice to theirs.
Amid the general avarice there is, too, an awakening of conscience among politicians and others in several countries. The debts of the poorest nations are being cancelled and a new approach to the grinding poverty of so many is taking place. The fruits of twenty years of labour are beginning to ripen. Maitreya’s beneficent energies are working their magic and a new spirit is gaining strength.
Thus the attitudes and habits of countless ages are beginning to crumble before the tide of new and unstoppable energies wielded by Maitreya and His group. Men need have no fear; the meek, indeed, the poor, the powerless, the toilers everywhere, shall inherit the Earth. Men will learn the beauty of co-operation and service and one by one the bastions of power will fall. The empires of power and wealth will disappear as the new urge for sharing and oneness grips the minds of men. Thus will it be and thus will man regain his sanity and start the climb again.

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

In the December issue
Excerpt from “The Kingdom of God” by Aart Jurriannse
“… It is through the concerted and sustained efforts of all those who are spiritually inclined, of all men and women whose hearts are guided by love and goodwill, that mankind as a whole will be uplifted. In this respect each disciple will make his own contribution, each according to the Light he has received, according to the qualities and aptitudes with which he has been endowed, and each according to his particular circumstances as determined by time and place. People must be brought to the realization that the Kingdom of God will only be found by recognizing its presence; that this Kingdom must not be sought for in outer appearance, but that it will primarily be found by recognizing the Christ within the heart. Therefore do not hesitate to express the energies of Love and Goodwill with which you are inspired – they will provide the opportunities for which to live, to work and to serve, and for fulfilling your dreams and aspirations, thus contributing your share to make this a better world for all and for the final manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth.” (Source: Bridges, ISBN 3-929345-11-0, Bridges Publishing, Freiburg, Germany, 2001, 2007.
Watch video: “The Son of Man”
Benjamin Creme reads his Master’s article “The Son of Man” which speaks to the distorted view of the Christ that has been presented for centuries by the churches, and Christ's priorities for this New Age including the removal of guilt and fear from the hearts and minds of all humanity.
Maitreya – the Avatar of Love
There has never been an Avatar better equipped for His task than Maitreya. There has never been a need for such an Avatar, but this world is now so complex, so divided, so riddled with both good and bad, positive and negative, that all of these forces have to be reconciled. This is His aim, this longing in the heart of the Christ for unity, for using His powers, His insights, to establish His nature, which is love, in the world. In this way He teaches us how to love and, as the Master says, “love again.” To love again is not to love in a normal, reactive sense, but to love totally, unconditionally, in the way that the Masters do. This will establish the brotherhood of man.
— From Maitreya’s Mission, Volume Three
Suggested reading: In pages 17-39 Benjamin Creme comments on each of the Master’s statements in “The Son of Man.”

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The esoteric art of Benjamin Creme

Benjamin Creme’s painting, Chalice (1974), is on show until December 10 at the College for Psychic Studies (Queensberry Road, South Kensington, London) in a wide-ranging exhibition, Creative Spirits. At 8 feet high, it stands out among a large display of paintings and is remarkable for its energy. According to Benjamin Creme: “This image represents the Cosmic Spiritual Heart Centre from which flows the energy we call love.”

We highly recommend a visit (virtual or in person) to the Benjamin Creme Museum in Los Angeles. On its website you will see many of his original paintings, learn about his long history in both modern and esoteric art and, with the inspiration of his own Master, the energetic role this work has played as BC took on the work of preparing the way for Maitreya and the Masters. On this website under Art, do not miss the 1.5 hour video as BC describes many of his paintings beginning with Chalice.

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Q&A with Benjamin Creme

Q. What role do you see Transmission Meditation having in the future?

A. Transmission Meditation is the meditation for the future. It is a meditation for the New Age specifically, which allows humanity to work with Hierarchy in a great common endeavour. This is altogether new, it has never been done before, and is full of promise. It is essentially preparation for initiation, which will become a major goal for humanity in the future. More and more people will join Transmission Meditation groups, and it will become eventually the main meditation method. Other meditations will go on, but Transmission Meditation can be done as well as other meditations. It does not work against any spiritual activity. Any other spiritual activity can only be enhanced by doing Transmission Meditation.

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A Message from Maitreya
“My friends, listen carefully for I bring hope to you all for an end to your troubles, for a new life for all those ready to accept the need for justice and peace. [The lack of] these two, justice and peace, is the major obstacle in your path today. The way to justice and peace is easily solved. It requires only the acceptance of sharing. Share and know the future. Refuse to share and there will be no future for man.
Simple is life when seen with the knowing eye. Learn, My friends, to live simply and to love one another truly. My friends, believe it to be true for so it is, that you shall see Me sooner than you can imagine. I am even now at the door, ready to step forward and to begin My more open Mission. Be hopeful and of good cheer, My friends, for all will be well. All manner of things will be well.”
(On 26 October 2008, while being filmed for Slovenian television in Munich, Germany, Benjamin Creme was given the above message, via mental telepathy, from Maitreya, the World Teacher.)
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