August 2022
The gathering of the Forces of Light
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
Important events are taking place in many parts of the world. People everywhere will be astonished by the reports. These will include sightings, in unprecedented numbers, of spacecraft from our neighbouring planets, Mars and Venus in particular. Nothing like this increased activity, over vast areas of the Earth, will have been seen before. Those who have steadfastly refused to take seriously the reality of this phenomenon will find it difficult to deny. More and more accounts of contact with the occupants of the spacecraft will add their testimony to the fact of their existence. Miraculous happenings of all kinds will continue and multiply in number and variety. The minds of men will be baffled and amazed by these wonders, and this will cause them to ponder deeply.
Into this wonder-filled, wondering world Maitreya will quietly enter and begin His open work. He will be asked to counter their doubts and fears, to explain these happenings and He will vouchsafe their validity. These extraordinary events will continue unabated and cause many to prophesy the ending of the world. Maitreya, however, will continue in His simple way and interpret differently these events.
Thus will Maitreya encourage men to see the marvellous breadth and scope of life, the many layers of which man knows but little till now. Gently He will introduce them bit by bit to the basic truths of our existence, the Laws which govern it, and the benefits achieved by living within these Laws. He will acquaint man with the vastness of our Galaxy and show that, in time, men of Earth will conquer Space and Time. He will encourage men to seek within, as well as without, for the answers to their problems, and validate their constant connection to each other and to Cosmos. He will remind humanity of its long history and of the many perils which man has overcome. He will sow the seeds of faith in our own illustrious future and vouchsafe the eternal divinity of man. He will show that the path of life, the evolutionary journey, leads unfailingly upwards as well as for ever onwards, and that to make the journey together, as brothers and sisters, is the surest way and the way most lit by joy. Look, then, for the signs of Maitreya’s entrance, make it known, and uplift the hope of your brothers.

* The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Share International Magazine
“… It seems to me that the overwhelming necessity at the present time is to present to the nations and governments of the world not a complete blueprint for a world-government structure but some basic principles which would be the minimum requirements for a new world order. To my mind these could be summarized roughly as follows:
1. The recognition that there is one humanity.
2. The recognition that the principle of sharing in economic affairs is the only way out of man’s present dilemma, and must be implemented on a world-scale by some United Nations economic organization representing all nations, developed and undeveloped.
3. The necessity of a state of peace to enable all nations to develop the well-being of their peoples.
4. The necessity of all nations to recognize their mutual dependence in the fields of finance, economics, and scientific and technological discovery.
Were these few basic principles to be presented with sufficient effort and conviction and on a world-wide scale, the peoples of the world would be enabled to see their fundamental practicality and sound sense …” From a letter written by Benjamin Creme to a member of the British Parliamentary Group for World Government, June 1975. Read more about BC’s early outreach to government and spiritual groups in the July-August 2022 Share International.
Watch video: “The ‘star’ that heralds Maitreya’s emergence”
Benjamin Creme speaks on the extraordinary star-like luminaries that have appeared in our skies since January 2009. Don't miss some of their beautiful presentations.
The Space Brothers are here to help
Living together in peace is Maitreya’s call. That is how the Space Brothers live – harmlessly, tactfully, respectfully. They are our Elder Brothers, as are Maitreya and the Hierarchy of Masters. We are one solar system. All of us are engaged in a journey to perfection together. We are at different levels, some nearer the end of the road, some of us struggling to find a path to the right road even after millions of years. The Space Brothers are here to help. With their help the forces of evil will be destroyed, the forces that prevent people everywhere from living together in peace with justice and right relationship. Right relationship is the next destined step forward for humanity, and with the help of the Space Brothers and the emergence of our own Hierarchy of Masters, that will quickly come to be.
— From The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission

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  The following events present wide-ranging information about the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom. Their content offers perspectives on how this is impacting our world today:  
“What in the World is Happening?” – a monthly webinar.
Saturday, August 13 – “Q&A live: Ask us your questions!”
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“Planetary Makeover” – a bi-weekly presentation usually with accompanying video.
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Visit and share our new 'web brochure' The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission
  As you may know, a 6-page tri-fold brochure of the same name was produced soon after the publication of Benjamin Creme's book (of the same name!) and has been an important outreach tool. The print brochure has now been transformed into a beautiful web 'brochure' so we can share the information electronically. The same treatment was previously given to our 6-page World Teacher tri-fold. We encourage you to use them as extensively as you can.
Dallas group makes UFO presentation
  A multi-part presentation on the UFO phenomenon was made via Zoom to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Meetup group and attendees from various other ad venues (FB, Twitter), as well as invitations to all of the regional groups in the Southwest Region. It included an introductory talk followed by a video in which Benjamin Creme discusses the etheric planes on which the humanity on other planets live, and the mission carried out by the Space Brothers of “mopping up” our nuclear radiation and other pollution. Creme also emphasizes the beneficence of our Space Brothers, the fact that all the planets are in communication, and that the fear surrounding their visits to Earth is created by governments trying to maintain control.  The purpose of the presentation was to offer a counter to the news reports that the US Navy is assessing evidence of the increasing numbers of UFOs seen near its ships, and plans “mitigation” operations should they be seen as threats.
SI joins PWR for July 16 full moon meditation
  As reported last month, Share International was invited to host a Transmission Meditation during one of the Parliament of the World’s Religions regular monthly Zoom meditations. Approximately 100 people, representing both Share International and the Parliament, were given an introduction to our message in general and to Transmission specifically.
Goddess Fest – Boise, Idaho
  In Boise, Idaho, a Goddess Festival with a Wiccan flavor is put on annually by a local group, and a West Region co-worker has previously had a booth at the event. This year, a co-worker from the Denver group (Mountain West Region) also came to help and reported that it was one of the best of the holistic fairs he’d ever attended, in terms of the number of conversations they had with folks and the literature they handed out. There seemed to be a lot of open-minded people who were very receptive to our information. The plan is to do it again next year, and help may be sought from co-workers from any Share International group or region who would like to participate. Any of us who are not part of a larger group should feel free to get help from the wider Network in order to give talks or have information booths.
Vancover group at Carnaval del Sol
  On the weekend of July 9-10, the Vancouver group again took part in Carnaval del Sol, the largest Latin festival in the Pacific Northwest featuring food, music and cultural activities. Our group experienced a great response from the public to our material which is available in both English and Spanish.
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Transmission Meditation

Q&A with Benjamin Creme

Q. Are the Space Brothers involved in the spiritual energies (e.g., those involved in Transmission Meditation)?

A. Yes. In Transmission Meditation the energies come from Cosmic, Solar and extra-planetary sources. These are distributed by the Space Brothers to our planetary Hierarchy and thus through the Transmission Meditation groups.

New to Transmission?

Try one of our weekly online meditations with instruction. To participate please email us your name, city and state using our contact page. Learn more about this world service activity at the links below.
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