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October 2020 - Vol. XII No. 8 Share International eNews

Share International USA is a non-profit educational organization, not affiliated with any religious group. We present this message of hope about the emergence of the World Teacher - Maitreya - and the Masters of Wisdom, and invite you to share it with others.
Rallying call!
This is not the whole story, and these are not ordinary times.

Share International magazine, in print and delivered 10 times a year, is the authentic record of the preparation for the public reappearance of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom. It brings the energy of both Hierarchy and Share International to your library.

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In the October issue of Share International magazine:

  • The rule of Law
    by the Master —
  • Point of view:
    Put climate at the heart of Covid-19 economic recovery plans
    by Pablo Vieira Samper
  • Semi-arid regions of Latin America co-operate to adapt to climate
    by Mario Osava
  • Buddhism through the eyes of Alexandra David-Neel
    by Alexandre Guibert
  • ‘Creation is groaning!’
    Pope Francis denounces endless growth
    by Andrea Germanos
  • Statement by Humanitarian Co-ordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory,
    Jamie McGoldrick
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