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Share International USA is a non-profit educational organization. Not affiliated with any religious group, we respect the truth at the heart of - and common to - all spiritual traditions. We present this hopeful message about the emerging Spiritual Hierarchy and their concerns for your consideration. If it has the ring of truth for you, we invite you to share it with others

June 2011 - Vol. III No. 5
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The way of the future
by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

In a very few years time, the present period of stress and hardship will be much allayed. Behind the scenes, much is changing. Many of the forces which have brought about the conflict and struggle of today are weakening, and are being replaced by forces altogether more favorable to men. So many different energies, and direction of these energies, are simultaneously involved at the present moment that it is difficult to ascertain precisely when this change will begin, but it should not be much more than about two years before the first clear signs of change are discernable.

There will follow a period of change which few would conceive possible in so short a period of time: the present upsurge of demands for freedom and involvement in their own destiny which has been manifested so strongly by the people of the Middle East will sweep across the world and involve country after country, large and small. Thus will the Voice of the People grow ever stronger and more eloquent. More and more, men and women everywhere will begin to understand clearly their needs and their invincible strength to claim their birthright.

Inevitably, some countries will find the changes easier to achieve than will others. Some will find that the groups who, for centuries, have wielded power and built their citadels of wealth will be loath to relinquish that supremacy, but the forces for change will become so insistent and unstoppable that they too will have to alter their direction and adjust to the demands of their people.

New society

Thus a new society will evolve with remarkable speed, one that holds sacred the right of all people to self-determination, the democratic right to involvement in their society and their future; their right to adequate living standards, healthcare and education. Above all, men will claim the right to live in peace.

Maitreya will sustain men in their demands for justice and freedom and will magnetize their every effort. As He did in Cairo, He will be with all who make their demands in peace, respecting all groups and all religions, without rancor and competition. Thus will men come to understand the way of the future, the only way which will guarantee that future, a future shared by all, without division.


The Master is a senior member of the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom (not Maitreya); his name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed for various reasons. Benjamin Creme is in constant telepathic contact with this Master, who has dictated articles to Mr. Creme since 1982. Here you can read the Master's articles since September 2001. All older articles are published in the book A Master Speaks.

Benjamin Creme Answers

Benjamin Creme

Q. How many interviews has Maitreya given to date in the USA?
A. 29.

Q. How many interviews has Maitreya given to date in Mexico?
A. Seven.

Q. Has Maitreya started giving interviews now on His own, that is to say, not as a member of a panel?
A. Yes.

Q. (1) Sathya Sai Baba has shed His body today [24 April] and my heart is truly aching with pain for the physical loss. It came sooner than expected. In my mind I know He is always with us. Can you please give some solace, if possible? (2) Will Maitreya's Day of Declaration be in any way more 'sped up' for us now?
A. (1) Sai Baba has died so His influence in the world will not be equal to what it was formerly, but it should be remembered that Sathya Sai Baba has predicted a third manifestation, when He will return in a few years as Prema Sai. (2) Not necessarily. The Day of Declaration has its own rhythm.

Q. Sai Baba is thought to have said that He would live to be 96 years old, but he died recently aged 84 years. Was His prediction not correct?
A. The following accurate explanation, from Sai Baba devotee Sri Philip M. Prasad, was published in the Malayalam Daily, in Kerala, India, on 25 April:

"What Baba has foretold was indeed correct. According to the Roman calendar he has completed 84 years. But one can note that generally in all of Baba's discourses Baba had been referring to the star (lunar) basis in calculations. In Indian astrology there are 27 stars in a month starting with Aswathy and ending with Revathy. Accordingly a year of 12 months is composed of 324 days. Sai Baba was born on 23 November 1926. From that day till 24 April 2011 there were a total of 30,834 days. If this is divided by 324, we get 95 years and 54 days. Accordingly, under the star basis of calculation he was in his 96th year having completed 54 days when he left his physical body."

Q. Will Sai Baba continue to be present in consciousness and to oversee his life's work, to inspire and guide his devotees?
A. Yes.

Q. Will Sai Baba continue to overshadow Benjamin Creme at the end of his public lectures, as he has done for many years?
A. Yes.

Q. The drawing by Maitreya in Share International May 2011 is intriguing. It catches the eye and holds the attention every time you see it. I'd like to ask what the successive wave-like lines emanating from the peaceful Buddha figure represent. Thank you for printing Maitreya's drawing.
A. They represent the emanation of spiritual energy.

Q. (1) Do you think people power will succeed in Libya and Syria? (2) What would be the most practical solution in each country?
A. (1) Yes, eventually. (2) The problems and state of readiness in each country are different. Eventually, throughout the world, people power, inspired by Maitreya and under the banner of freedom, sharing and justice, will succeed.

Q. At the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29 April, I felt a powerful energy during the service at Westminster Abbey, London. Could your Master confirm if there was a blessing from Maitreya?
A. Yes. During the service, when the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams pronounced the couple man and wife, saying "In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit", Maitreya gave a blessing. In all weddings, of every religion, a blessing is given. The blessings are often given by the Master Jesus, but if the priest holds a senior position, such as a bishop, the blessing is given by Maitreya. Similarly, whenever people take the Eucharist in church (the wafer and wine) a blessing is automatically given by the Master Jesus or Maitreya.

More Q & A from June Share International magazine

Share News

Sai Baba

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, 23 November 1926 - 24 April 2011

It was with deep sadness that Share International learned of the death of Sai Baba, who died on 24 April. His death has been reported in the everyday media worldwide.

Benjamin Creme said of Him: "I would say that Sai Baba is . . . the most fully Divine Being to grace this planet with His presence." He is an Avatar, not out of the earth evolution, but a cosmic visitor, so to speak. Sri Sathya Sai Baba is a Spiritual Regent, a representative of divinity on our planet, and embodies the energy of Cosmic Love, or the Christ Principle at the cosmic level. That energy flowed and continues to flow from Him into the world.

Asked about Sai Baba's life and death, Mr. Creme said: "It is a great loss but Sai Baba has not gone away. Although He has left His physical body He will continue His work."

Sai Baba was the second of three incarnational manifestations on earth of a great Spiritual Being. The first incarnation was as Sai Baba of Shirdi; the second life was as Sathya Sai Baba. He Himself predicted that the third and final incarnation would be early in the 21st century as Prema Baba, and that he would be born in the state of Karnataka.

Sai Baba's life was a life of service, and service is key in all His teachings. Among other legacies, ultra-modern free hospitals, schools and universities were established in India and other countries under His guidance, and He ensured a free water supply to millions of people. This great Avatar also has a role in stimulating the love nature of humanity in general, which opens the heart centre in those nearing the first initiation.

As readers of Share International will know, Sai Baba and Maitreya work together for the regeneration of the world. Both embody the same energy: Sai Baba, the Christ Principle on a cosmic level; Maitreya, the same principle on a planetary level.

At Mr. Creme's public talks both Sai Baba and Maitreya overshadowed him, showing the connection between these two great Avatars. Mr. Creme has described how Sai Baba began this process for the first time at a lecture in the amphitheatre of an American college in 1982. When answering a question on the relationship between Maitreya and Sai Baba, Mr. Creme suddenly felt a tremendous energy, which he described as coming at him "like an express train, faster and faster". When he asked his Master what it was, the Master replied: "Sai Baba has added His Blessing to the audience." This process has continued ever since and we understand will still continue.

In more recent years there has been from some quarters denigration of Sai Baba's person, activities and worth, accusing him of trickery, deception and misuse of powers. Mr. Creme has always defended the veracity of Sai Baba's work and of His miracles for the millions of His devotees worldwide. As Mr. Creme says, "the tallest trees bear the best fruits and also therefore attract the most stones".

Over the years, Share International has often carried articles and reports about Sai Baba. We would like to express our sympathies to His co-workers and devotees all over the world.

The ray structure of Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011):
S: 2; P: 4 (7); M: 1 (4); A: 4 (2); Ph: 3 (7).

Read All About It
in the June Share International magazine

"Energy" in various forms is a recurring theme in the June Share International, including this month's compilation of quotations (see below). Point of View declares that the disaster in Japan "has radically changed the energy equation" in the post-Fukushima world. Share International interviews Paul Gunter of the Reactor Oversight Project for Beyond Nuclear, who says, "we must now wage a nonviolent campaign to democratize energy policy".

The Voice of the People concurs, as demonstrators in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Taiwan, Germany, France and elsewhere call for a ban on nuclear energy. Russian and Ukrainian leaders visit Chernobyl on the 25th anniversary of its nuclear disaster. Plans are moving ahead for a sarcophagus to cover the Chernobyl reactor, which is still leaking radiation.

In Trends, renowned conductor Daniel Barenboim, who holds both Palestinian and Israeli citizenship, leads a peace concert in Gaza. Palestinian Fatah and Hamas parties sign a unity agreement, and Egypt announces plans to open the Rafah border with Gaza.

The Goldman Environmental Prize winners for 2011 are announced: Ursula Sladek, for bringing renewable energy to more than 100,000 homes in Germany; Prigi Arisandi for his work to clean up severely contaminated rivers and water resources in Indonesia; Dmitry Lisitsyn for protecting endangered whale and salmon spawning grounds from petroleum drilling on Sakhalin Island, Russia; farmer Francisco Pineda for blocking a gold mining industry from polluting waterways in El Salvador; Hilton Kelley for addressing serious refinery pollution in Port Arthur, Texas; and Raoul du Toit for saving black rhinos in Zimbabwe.

Making the Connection offers an assessment of corporate globalization by environmentalist Vandana Shiva and reflections on re-imagining Japan by Japanese editor Masahiko Ishizuka.

In Signs of the Time, various daylight sightings of UFOs are reported in Kazakhstan. Also see various photos of Maitreya's "star" and other spacecraft, a beautiful photo of a young Japanese Buddhist monk being overshadowed by Maitreya, and an amazing photo of Jesus' tomb displaying mourners from the time of his burial. And last, but far from least, "the most fully Divine Being to grace this planet with His presence," Sai Baba is eulogized.

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Energy of the future – a compilation

Soon, the Science of Light, the Divine Science, will be revealed to man's astonished gaze, and a major landmark on man's journey of evolution will have been reached. Until now, only the specialist few have had access to this Science of Light, but already steps are being taken to make its benefits available for all. (Benjamin Creme's Master, from "The age of light")

* * * * * * * * * *

When war is totally and utterly renounced, and the weapons of war destroyed, the Science of Light will be given to humanity. (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)

* * * * * * * * * *

We will begin to use light directly from the sun. All forms of power used today will become obsolete. This new energy will supply every energetic need of humanity. And, of course, it cannot be cornered by any individuals or groups. It is everywhere, free to all, and is endless in its ramifications. It will also have medical applications in connection with a more advanced aspect of the genetic engineering in which humanity is already engaged. Whole organs will be recreated. Instead of having heart, liver, kidney transplants, you will simply go to a clinic for a few hours and, with this genetic engineering technique and the technology of light, a new organ will be built into the body without surgery. (Benjamin Creme, The Ageless Wisdom Teachings)

* * * * * * * * * *

The Space Brothers are creating these vortices of power on the physical plane. A crop circle is really an outer sign of a vortex. A replica of our planet's magnetic field is being placed all over the physical world, not as huge and powerful as the planet's magnetic field, but powerful and widespread enough to be the basis of the Technology of Light. The light will come directly from the sun and be fused with the magnetism of the magnetic field. That will give humanity every form of power it needs. All our mechanical objects, our heat, our light, our transport, our cooking, our machinery will be powered by this Technology of Light, using light from the sun and the magnetism of our planet's magnetic field. (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)

* * * * * * * * * *

Under the guidance of the Hierarchy of Masters, man will find himself able to control forces and energies of which he is today totally unaware, and of which today he is totally at the mercy. He will be able to transcend time and distance by the power of his thought and to create modes of travel so silent and apparently motionless that fatigue will disappear. Through the power of sound he will build his artifacts and control his environment. (Benjamin Creme, Maitreya's Mission Volume One)

* * * * * * * * * *

In this New Age mankind will, by an act of the will, by his mental control of psychic energy, create machines which he will program to create the artifacts of our civilization, and leave time and energy to involve himself in, and explore, his own nature; know what he is - to develop and express what he is as a great manifesting Son of God. The Masters can do this because They have released the awareness which gives one the power over psychic energy. (Benjamin Creme, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom)

* * * * * * * * * *

Man stands now on the threshold of great things. Marvels await his astonished gaze. The limitations of the past will soon lose their hold and free him to explore the cosmos and himself. (Benjamin Creme's Master, from "The divine science")

UFOs and the star that heralds Maitreya's Emergence


Maitreya's star

Benjamin Creme's Master confirmed that a bright, flickering light filmed over El Granada, California on April 4 was Maitreya's 'star'. The light was seen to constantly change its colors through the whole spectrum. (YouTube: crashingtiger)

Spaceship from Mars

While visiting London on March 19, a Dutch tourist filmed a bright object that hovered, rotated and changed shape in the sky over Westminster. "We are standing with our back to the Tower of Big Ben," his posting read. "First we thought it was a parachute, but it was way too high up in the sky." He watched the object for at least 30 minutes. (YouTube:retrobanana1973; The Sun, UK; examiner.com)
(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms the event was an authentic sighting of a spaceship from Mars.)

UFOs in Kazakhstan

A UFO was filmed during daylight in May over Almaty, Kazakhstan. The object was seen by at least five witnesses and filmed on at least five mobile phones. Said one witness: "I saw the UFO at 3 pm and immediately started filming. . .I believe the object had a diameter of five meters and hung in the air for around two minutes, of which I filmed one minute. . ." On the same day, a number of residents in Astana also filmed a slow flying orb shooting out rays, while in Pavlodar shocked witnesses saw multiple UFOs hovering above the town square.

In March many witnesses in Almaty also saw a group of at least five circular white objects moving across the sky, clearly visible against the dark clouds. (YouTube: Allnewsweb) (Benjamin Creme's Master confirmed the objects were spaceships.)

Maitreya's Teachings

A Word of Cheer

I have a word of cheer to give you: Though, to you, the whole situation may have seemed clouded, and the horizon darkened by storms, bear in mind that when the disturbance is general, as now, and the whole area involved, then the end is near.

In nature, a general electric storm serves to clear the atmosphere, and ushers in a period of sunshine and more grateful living conditions. We have had the electrical storm of the world war, and the period of gradual dispersion of the clouds has been with us, with the thunder rumbling round, and sudden sharp storms of wind and rain upsetting the hopefulness of those desiring sunshine.

Those who with patience carry on the work, who keep the inner calm and surety, who lose sight of the foreground of personalities, and bear only in mind the formless forces that are at work through all forms and seasons, will see order brought out of chaos, construction out of past destruction and present adjustments. They will see the setting loose of fresh life forces, hitherto shut out by the crystallizing shells built by man. So hold the inner vision steadily and have that long patience which endures though the lesser cycle, because the key to the greater cycle has been held with firmness.

We stand today on the verge of great things. Humanity is on its way with renewed impetus. It stands no longer at the crossroads, but irrevocable decisions have been made, and the race is moving forward along a path which will lead it eventually into light and peace. It will find its way into the "the peace which passeth understanding" because it will be a peace which is independent of outer conditions, and which is not based upon what present humanity defines as peace. . . .

All those who work and struggle for the good of humanity and under the direction of the Hierarchy, take heart and renew your courage. The Hierarchy not only stands - as oft I have told you - but it is approaching daily and yearly closer to humanity.

-Aart Jurriaanse, compiler, Prophecies by D.K.


I am here, My friends, among you once more, and happy to be so.

My work proceeds well.
My plans enter a new phase.
My horizon widens, and in due time all shall see Me.

My conditions are being met.
Many now in the world accept the need for change, accept that Sharing and Justice are fundamental to man’s progress.
This realization itself will change your world.
Many there are, however, who forget that man is a God, that in all men sits this Divine Being, and who would deny this truth.
Make known, My friends, where you stand in this matter and show your light in the world.
I need all those in whom the Light of Truth shines brightly.
I call on you.
I call you to My side.
Come with Me, My friends, and blaze a path of Light into the future.

My Call does not go unheard.
Many today rejoice at the promise which My Presence brings, but many more by far await still these glad tidings.
Take upon yourselves, My friends, this task:
Make it known that I am here, and embrace My Cause.
Work thus for your brothers and know the joy of Service.
Reveal thus, My friends, the God within.

The timing of My Emergence is precise.
All goes according to this plan.
Look, then, for a Man Who speaks of Sharing and Justice, a Man like yourselves, of simplicity and Truth.
Take My hand, My friends, and let us walk blithely together into the radiant future.

Can you not hear the Call? It issues from My heart.
Can you not hear the cry of anguish? It issues from the heart of man.
That cry has brought Me here.

May the Divine Light and Love and Power of the One Most Holy God be now manifest within your hearts and minds.
May this manifestation lead you onward on the Path to God.

- Maitreya, Message No. 115
Maitreya's 140 Messages

Miracle Signs of the Time

Mourners in the Garden of Gethsemane

Photograph taken by Dr. Jose Quinones of UFOFacts during a trip to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed before his arrest and crucifixion. The site is now overgrown with olive trees. The photograph was taken of the tomb where Jesus was laid after being taken down from the cross. On developing the film, the photograph showed a group of mourners of the time, mysteriously superimposed over the gap in the doorway to the tomb. (Source: drboylan.com)

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the figures on the photograph were manifested by Maitreya.)



Buddha statue weeps pearls

A statue of Shakyamuni Buddha in the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet has frequently been seen to weep "small pearl tears".

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the pearls were manifested by Maitreya.)

Benjamin Creme Interviews and Lectures
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