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Meditation Mandalas, The Masters of Wisdom, and great hope for our future!

Art is not propaganda, however skillful, for any cause, however good.  Art is not the imitation or description, however exact, of natural phenomena or natural effects.  Art is the creation or setting in motion of causes.  It is the expression by the artist of his perceptions of Reality, from his response to Its vibration.

- Benjamin Creme's Master


Benjamin Creme with Solar Fire

Statement by the Artist, Benjamin Creme:

Mandalas, in the Tibetan and Indian tradition, are symbolic representations of states of consciousness.  My paintings (which do not look like these traditional forms) are also mandalas... The basic purpose is to release energy to the viewer.  They stand for certain states of Being or Consciousness and can evoke that in the viewer through contemplation.

The Mandala does not do this by itself.  The mandala, if correctly made, releases energy in response to the viewer's concentration on it, and concentration on the ideas [each represents].  In this way, the Mandala painting can be used as an aid for meditation (all italicized text in this article represent quotes from the artist). 

These Mandalas were created in close cooperation with one of the Masters of Wisdom, a teacher that Benjamin Creme worked with for over 40 years.

This collection of spiritual art, unique versions of Meditation Mandalas, has an esoteric story to tell about humanity's journey to this time of multiple world crises and beyond.  These powerful images reveal a bright path forward when humanity finally accepts our unity and celebrates our diversity by creating new structures that emphasize our shared divinity.  This process is now unfolding, and the old separative modes of being are struggling to maintain the status quo against the outcry for peace and justice.  We think you will find these images and information extraordinary, and we invite you to explore.

Solar Angel

Solar Angel By Benjamin Creme

The Solar Angel represents our true identity.  It is seen as fire because that is the nature of [our souls].  We are all souls, perfected Beings, perfect expressions or emanations from the Planetary Logos* Whose nature is fire (*The great cosmic being who ensouls this planet)

Each one of us is a divine being on an incredible journey of learning, sharing and caring for ourselves, each other and creation.  We do this to the extent that we are aware and able.  Our experience, and thus awareness and abilities, continually grows with each incarnation, through trial and error, successes and failures.  The soul provides the continuity and is the storehouse of these gifts.



Antakarana By Benjamin Creme

Through the process of meditation, one builds, gradually, from the brain to the soul, a channel of light.  At the same time, the soul is building a similar channel downward to its reflection - the man or woman in incarnation - and in this way a bridge between the two is formed.

When that channel is somewhat complete, the soul can then pour its nature, its intelligence, its love, and eventually its will down into its vehicle.  The man or woman will then reflect completely, in an integrated way, the nature of the soul.

As we progress on our journey, our ability to impact the world for good or for ill also grows.  It is important to realize that as long as the personality dominates the soul, our actions will be more selfish and less concerned for others and nature.  Conversely, if the soul qualities are recognized, nurtured, and emphasized, we more quickly become world servers, and opportunities for cooperation, collaboration and broad impact for the good of all, grow apace.  Meditation, Study and Service are the royal roads towards this goal, and all help to build this bridge of light, the Antakarana.



Meditation by Benjamin Creme

This painting is a symbolic representation of the force centres (chakras) involved in esoteric meditation: the heart; the throat; and the two head centres – between the eyebrows (the ajna) and the crown centre at the top of the head.  These centres of force are gradually 'awakened' and brought into synchronous activity in the process of forming the 'Antahkarana' or 'Bridge of Light' between the personality and soul.

The circular form at the bottom of the painting represents the heart centre, the striped orange form, going from green to gold to orange to red, represents the throat centre, and the blue with the triangles represents the two head centres.  This particular meditational symbol represents these three activated together and coming towards gradual integration.

Meditation helps with the coordination and balance between the emotional and mental bodies.  It also has many health benefits for the physical body. Integrating all the bodies of manifestation in the human being, the physical, emotional and mental bodies, makes for a powerfully capable personality that can serve the soul's purposes more readily.  At the later stages in evolution, the soul fully infuses the personality; thus the impact for good that the individual has in the world becomes evident.

It is only after the soul has fully infused the personality that enlightement can occur.  All the great teachers and sages have trod this same path, gradually self-realizing their Divine Self.  There are many names for these great ones, our elder brothers and sisters, and they are commonly called the Masters of Wisdom or the Lords of Compassion, and in the East, the Great Mahatmas.


Om Overshadowing the Earth

Om Overshadowing the Earth by Benjamin Creme

Om [AUM] is the word of God. It is the Mantram of all Mantrams.  It has been called the Sacred Word for thousands of years....Every mantram or sound sets into motion a vibration which causes effects.  It's the creative force behind creation.

In the painting, this principal is demonstrated in a pictorial form by using OM, in this case not the Indian but the Tibetan form, in the Cosmic Egg, the great black egg-form from which everything emerges, overshadowing, standing above and protecting the Earth which is represented by the blue circle.

This image has been used for many years on the cover of the book Transmission Meditation: A Meditation for the New Age (free online version found here).  Transmission Meditation is a form of meditation in collaboration with the Masters of Wisdom.  It is an integration of Eastern and Western spirituality.  It speeds personal evolution while providing a much needed service for the evolution of humanity and all of Earth's kingdoms.  Transmission Meditation is always free, and groups exist in over 40 countries and many major cities around the world.   



Lotus by Benjamin Creme

Lotus represents the chalice of the heart of the human being... That right-side heart is the spiritual heart center in which, at a certain moment in man's evolution, the energy which we call the Christ Principle [the Love Principle] is esoterically lit. It is then fanned to a flame by the Masters and the Christ... It is seen here on the even-armed cross of Aquarius... The Cross of Aquarius will become a major symbol for the age, the even-armed cross which will demonstrate the discipleship of the human race, the spiritual ideal manifesting on the physical plane.

The Masters from all faith and service traditions work together to bring these ideals to humanity in various ways, as there is no one right way.  As more of humanity awakens to this Love Principle, we will be able to create the new systems to bring about the long awaited Golden Age of Aquarius.  Sharing, justice, sustainability, and the peace of a united humanity in our beautiful diversity will reign.



Chalice by Benjamin Creme

 This image represents the Cosmic Spiritual Heart Centre, the Heart of the Sun, from which flows Solar Fire, the energy we call Love.  With the inner eye, it is seen as a molten, golden fire radiating Love throughout the System.  The ‘cup’ of the Chalice is surrounded by blue-white flames, which represent ‘Fire Electrical’ from the Central Spiritual Sun’ and which maintain, through constant movement, the shape of the Chalice. Deep Space of Cosmos is represented by the burgundy red background.

In a sense this painting represents the energy of the Christ, who we know is the Lord of Love. This painting is intended to convey that energy of Love, which is embodied on this planet by the Christ.

The Christ and the Buddha are two great spiritual brothers, the Lord of Love, and the Lord of Wisdom.  They are the custodians of these two related energies, both necessary for the balanced evolution of humanity.  They work together closely to this day, disseminating these energies and others through humanity.  They work with 63 Masters who are focused on helping to manifest the highest evolutionary path on this planet through the free will of their disciples, the New Group of World Servers.  Many millions of people, representatives from all nations, are among this great group, though most do not recognize this fact.  On the inner planes, they made a soul commitment to serve humanity, the Earth, the One Life.  The Christ energizes this group work, disseminating the magnetic force of Love.


Thangka for the Coming Buddha Maitreya

Thangka for the Coming Buddha Maitreya - Creme

In Buddhism, the coming World Teacher is expected as Maitreya Buddha.  A thangka is traditionally a religious painting... depicting a Buddhist deity.  It would commonly be used as a spiritual guide and inspiration for personal meditation and enlightenment.  By contemplating the deity depicted, the viewer can internalize the Teacher's qualities.  Benjamin Creme's modern version of a thangka...has been described as depicting the "relationship between a Master and his disciple.  The rose colored curved lines represent the cosmic energy of Love and the interconnectedness of the universe".

All spiritual traditions expect the return of their teacher.  Maitreya's emergence fulfills these expectations for all the great religions.  He comes not alone, but as the head of the group known in the East as the Masters of Wisdom.  These enlightened teachers, as a group, will demonstrate on the physical plane the love nature of God.  Their profound compassion and inclusiveness will show humanity that no matter your tradition, your race, your orientation, we are one human family, and only through working together will we restore our world to peace, justice and sustainability.  Maitreya is the eldest brother of humanity, the very first to gain enlightenment.  He works closely with Jesus, the Buddha, and all the Masters.  Together they embody the Heart Center for the Planet, inspiring us to transform our world along the lines of right relationship for all life.

Benjamin Creme in his 50s studio Benjamin Creme, in his London Studio, 1985, with his painting, 'The Prophet', 1942

Benjamin Creme was internationally known as a lecturer and author of esoteric philosophy and ideas.  His books have been published in a dozen languages.  A deep knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom teachings and the long practice of meditation were the creative basis for his work.  From 1959, he enjoyed the inspiration and stimulus of one of the Masters of Wisdom Who lives in the Himalayas.  This had a profound effect on his life and painting.  There is now a Benjamin Creme Museum in Southern California to help celebrate the work of this world disciple.  He dedicated his life, in art, lectures and writing, to telling the world of our gradual awakening to the Christ Consciousness and the concurrent externalization of the Masters of Wisdom, and their head, the World Teacher, Maitreya.


Information for this presentation of Meditation Mandalas can be found in the book The esoteric art of Benjamin Creme, 2017, Share International Foundation: Amsterdam, London, Berkeley and The Benjamin Creme Museum, www.benjamincrememuseum.org

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