Our Space Brothers, their mission and our choice
From compilations in Share International magazine
The growing number of sightings of UFOs or extraterrestrial craft worldwide is leading to an increasing demand for more openness on the part of governments and for objective investigation by the media. In addition, crop circles are also attracting media attention. Their spectacular design and extraordinary complexity, and the speed with which they are created, make it virtually impossible to dismiss them as man-made. According to Benjamin Creme’s information, both phenomena are the work of the Space Brothers, and are a sign of Maitreya’s imminent emergence.
We present a compilation which reveals the reality and mission of the Space Brothers and brings a new understanding of the nature of our Universe and our place within it. Included is a selection of quotations from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ and Maitreya’s Teachings – The Laws of Life), Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks), and Benjamin Creme’s writings. These excerpts were also presented in the October 2008 and May 2013 issues of Share International magazine.
[The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles and elsewhere as general terms meaning all of humankind.]
All the planets at Hierarchic level are interconnected and are all in communication. This solar system acts as a unit – it is not one planet and a whole lot of dead planets. They are all teeming with life at different stages. We are at a midway stage; Venus is unbelievably evolved compared with this planet, as is Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and various other planets. (Benjamin Creme, The Great Approach)
Humanity has naively believed that they are the only ones in space. But there are others there, far advanced, who have always watched over us, teaching us not to kill, to respect others, and to learn to be happy and free. They have always protected humanity and they will not allow it to destroy itself by the exploitation of science in space. (Maitreya, Maitreya’s Teachings – The Laws of Life)
Important events are taking place in many parts of the world. People everywhere will be astonished by the reports. These will include sightings, in unprecedented numbers, of spacecraft from our neighbouring planets, Mars and Venus in particular. Nothing like this increased activity, over vast areas of the Earth, will have been seen before. Those who have steadfastly refused to take seriously the reality of this phenomenon will find it difficult to deny. More and more accounts of contact with the occupants of the spacecraft will add their testimony to the fact of their existence. Miraculous happenings of all kinds will continue and multiply in number and variety. The minds of men will be baffled and amazed by these wonders, and this will cause them to ponder deeply.
Into this wonder-filled, wondering world Maitreya will quietly enter and begin His open work. He will be asked to counter their doubts and fears, to explain these happenings, and He will vouchsafe their validity. These extraordinary events will continue unabated and cause many to prophesy the ending of the world. Maitreya, however, will continue in His simple way and interpret differently these events.
Thus will Maitreya encourage men to see the marvellous breadth and scope of life, the many layers of which man knows but little till now. Gently He will introduce them bit by bit to the basic truths of our existence, the Laws which govern it, and the benefits achieved by living within these Laws. He will acquaint man with the vastness of our Galaxy and show that, in time, men of Earth will conquer Space and Time. He will encourage men to seek within, as well as without, for the answers to their problems, and validate their constant connection to each other and to Cosmos. He will remind humanity of its long history and of the many perils which man has overcome. He will sow the seeds of faith in our own illustrious future and vouchsafe the eternal divinity of man. He will show that the path of life, the evolutionary journey, leads unfailingly upwards as well as for ever onwards, and that to make the journey together, as brothers and sisters, is the surest way and the way most lit by joy. Look, then, for the signs of Maitreya’s entrance, make it known, and uplift the hope of your brothers. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, ‘The gathering of the Forces of Light’)
There are myriad forms throughout cosmos and every one of them, including all the human beings, are interrelated in the sense that they are all atoms. There is only the atomic structure of all cosmos. That is where we come from. That is, as the Master says, “the Source of our Being.” (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Cooperation)
My Teaching will show you that behind all appearances stands That which we call Life. There is naught else anywhere in Cosmos. Hold forever within you this concept, and realise your connection with that Life. (Maitreya, from Message No.133)
The work of the Space Brothers
Nuclear radiation
One of the major activities of the Space Brothers is to neutralize the pollution with which we are destroying our planet – caused in the main by nuclear radiation which is pouring out from the nuclear powerhouses all over the world. Every underground nuclear explosion also puts into the air dust which is totally contaminated by nuclear radiation with a half-life of thousands and thousands of years. Within karmic limits they mop up as much radiation and pollution as possible. They also go down into the oceans and neutralize waste which we have dumped there and which otherwise would kill off marine life and further poison the planet. The planet is already polluted to a degree which is now dangerous. Pollution is the greatest killer of all diseases of humanity, and much of it is of nuclear radiation. The advice of Maitreya and the Masters will be to close down immediately all nuclear-fission power stations in the world. They could be replaced tomorrow with a safe, fusion process of nuclear power as an interim measure before the coming Technology of Light. One of the main factors in maintaining our eco-system is our Space Brothers: we owe them an enormous debt. (Benjamin Creme, The Great Approach)
This nuclear energy is in tremendous potency and is destroying the well-being of humanity and the lower kingdoms. It works by depleting our body’s immune system, and therefore opens us to all manner of ills that otherwise would not affect us. As a result, we have wave upon wave of influenzas and other diseases that we have less and less ability to cope with. The growing incidence of Alzheimer’s disease at ever younger ages throughout the world is a direct result of the high concentration of nuclear energy at the higher etheric levels, not registered by the instruments of our present-day scientists. This energy plays on the human brain, causing more and more Alzheimer’s, memory loss, disorientation, and the gradual breakdown of our body’s defence system. The Space Brothers, mainly from Mars and Venus, are engaged on a spiritual mission to neutralize this nuclear radiation. They are not allowed to completely neutralize all the extant nuclear radiation, but within the karmic law they do...
Our nuclear scientists believe they have total control of nuclear energy, which, demonstrably, they do not. They have no understanding of the four etheric levels of matter above the solid, liquid and gaseous levels and therefore a limited knowledge of what they know as nuclear energy. It is actually etheric, physical matter which we should not be using. Nuclear energy is, as it says in the Bible, “that which stands where it ought not.” Nuclear fission should not be utilized. It is deadly and is increasingly damaging the health of the people of this planet. The people of other planets spend countless hours mopping up this energy. (Benjamin Creme, The Great Approach)
Solar energy & the Science of Light
Every planet is surrounded by a magnetic field. It is made up of lines of force that criss-cross, and where they criss-cross they form vortices. These vortices have been replicated on the dense-physical plane by our Space Brothers as part of a new energy grid that Maitreya calls the Science of Light. This energy grid in relation to electrical energy brought directly from the sun will give us the new Science of Light as predicted by Maitreya. It will give this planet, as on other planets, unlimited, safe power for all purposes, in ways that cannot be bought up or cornered by any group of men. (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)
This is the energy of the new age – there will be no need for nuclear energy. The power of the sun will be used for heating, transportation and driving industry. The ‘Brothers’ are teaching the engineers how to store solar energy right now. (Maitreya, Maitreya’s Teachings – The Laws of Life)
The Space Brothers are giving of their knowledge of the Science of Light, the new science that will give us unlimited energy for every need. They have that science, and will put it at our disposal, as soon as we renounce war forever, showing that we are able to live together in peace with justice, sharing, and right relationship. Then we will know that they are our brothers indeed. (Benjamin Creme, The Gathering of the Forces of Light)
Reasons for skepticism about their existence
It is often to be observed that people do not always believe the evidence of their own eyes. Hence the rejection of many experiences which would have been valuable to them as they search for meaning and purpose in their lives. It is common, for example, that many disbelieve that they have seen a UFO, as they are generally known, when all evidence shows otherwise. People are loathe to embrace the new and unknown, however much to do so it might be to their benefit. In this way, they inhibit their awareness and growth.
For many years now, the craft emerging from our sister planets have roamed our skies, done immeasurable service on our behalf, and, from time to time, given ample and inspiring evidence of their reality and presence. In ones and twos and untold numbers, they have worked selflessly to mitigate, within the karmic Law, the harmful results of our foolishness and ignorance. Many on Earth have seen them, have stood in awe and wonder at their obvious mastery of space, and, fearful of ridicule, kept silence. Thus the knowledge of their reality and the grateful understanding of their purpose has been lost to men. Why should this be so? Why should men reject that which is most to their betterment to accept and understand?
There are several reasons why men behave so unreasonably in this way. Chief among them is fear. The great numbing fear of possible destruction lies deep within the human psyche, ready to rise and condition all reactions, all spontaneous gestures of hope and wonder. It has, alas, always been so for many.
The governments and the media of most countries have failed in their duty to educate and enlighten the masses. Much is known by many governmental agencies and withheld from the public. Above all, the harmlessness of the UFO, even when known, is never affirmed. On the contrary, everything concerning them, while wrapped in vague mystery, is presented as threat. People in positions of power and control know that if their people knew the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, and understood them to be envoys from civilizations far ahead of ours, they would no longer accept, passive and mute, the conditions of life on Earth. They would demand that their leaders invite these aerial guests to land openly, and to teach us how to live and achieve in the same fashion.
The time is not far off when this will be the case. The time is coming when the true nature of life on planets other than Earth will be common knowledge. When men will begin to think of the Solar System as an interrelated whole, the planets at various points in evolution, but all working together to fulfil the Plan of the Solar Logos, and to help and sustain each other on the way. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, ‘The Path to the Sun’)
George Adamski – a herald for the Space Brothers
by Gerard Aartsen
“It was about 12.30 in the noon hour on Thursday 20 November 1952, that I first made personal contact with a man from another world. He came to Earth in his spacecraft, a flying saucer. He called it a Scout Ship.”
No lines in any of the multitude of books that have been written about UFO encounters are more famous or more disputed. They are the first lines of the chapter in Flying Saucers Have Landed in which George Adamski relates his meeting with “a human being from another world” near Desert Center, Arizona. Adamski’s claims were substantiated by six witnesses, who were with him that day and who signed affidavits sworn before notaries public. In the preface to his first book, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, Benjamin Creme states that Adamski’s descriptions of the Space Brothers are very accurate, and that he could “vouch for the authenticity of his contacts” from his own experience.
Flying Saucers Have Landed became an overnight sensation when it was published simultaneously in the UK and the USA in September 1953: by December of that year it had been reprinted six times and the USA it’s 12th reprint took place three years later. It was followed in 1955 by Adamski’s personal account of his experience inside a mothership manned by Masters from Venus, titled Inside the Space Ships. In this book, he also writes about his discussions with several of the Space Brothers who he refers to by names that he chose himself. Adamski explains: “While I want to make it very clear that the names I am introducing for these new friends are not their correct names, I wish to add that I have my own good reasons for choosing them, and that they are not without meaning … The Martian I shall call Firkon. The Saturnian is Ramu. My name for the Venusian will be Orthon.” A female Venusian is referred to as Kalna and the names he uses for other Spacemen are Ilmuth and Zuhl. Of these experiences Benjamin Creme has said: “The only thing he omitted to say (he was probably unaware of the fact) was that he was out of the body during the whole experience.” (Share International May 2002)
George Adamski has been confirmed to be a 2.0 degree initiate by Benjamin Creme’s Master. Although much has been written about him since he published his personal experiences, very little of it involved much open-mindedness, and even today the internet is rife with theories, accusations, derogative comments, half-truths and lies about the person who is considered to be the first modern ‘contactee’ of Space Brothers. Especially since modern science ‘established’ that there is no possibility for life on our neighbouring planets, very few authors deemed Adamski and his story worthy of serious investigation after his death on 23 April 1965, aged 74.
Co-author of Flying Saucers Have Landed Desmond Leslie always believed in and trusted Adamski’s sincerity. In his obituary for the July/August 1965 issue of Flying Saucer Review, Mr Leslie wrote: “We shall miss George. Miss him very much, but I cannot feel sad at his going. He gave his utmost to the work and the world will never be quite the same place again, richer for his coming, a little poorer for his going. But, I don’t believe by any means we have seen the last of him. If he is reborn on another planet, he has promised to come back and contact us when possible. With George anything could happen. And usually does! Dear Old Space Man – Go in Peace!”
Of all the claims of people having met occupants of flying saucers in the wake of Adamski’s story, one stands out for its curious details. Having become the centre of attention for the local media and the British UFO community after reporting a UFO sighting on 7 June 1965 near Scorriton, Devon, UK, Ernest Arthur Bryant confessed to investigators that he had already met three “Beings from Space” on 24 April that year, who also gave him a conducted tour of their craft. Mr Bryant further revealed that one of the three had said “My name is Yamski” or something that sounded very similar, while also speaking of a ‘Des’ or ‘Les’. The background and details of this incredible story were described in The Scoriton Mystery – Did Adamski Return?, which further gained in significance when it was found that Mr Bryant had had no prior interest in the UFO phenomenon and had not heard of George Adamski before his experience.
Another remarkable encounter in the same vein was described by Giorgio Dibitonto in his book Angels in Starships, first published in Italian in 1983. In it he describes how, in April 1980, he saw visions of a beautiful young man who directed him to drive into the hills around Genova. He was led into a clearing in a wooded valley where he saw a UFO that had landed and was contacted by the occupants. He had regular contacts after his first encounter and on one such he was introduced to Space Brothers who called themselves Orthon and Firkon, the same names that George Adamski used for the Space Brothers in Inside the Space Ships. Then the author was introduced to another man, by the name of George – an unusual name among Space Brothers. “This, our brother, lived for a while on Earth, where he chose to come on an assignment. Now he has returned to us.” Kalma, Ilmuth and Zuhl also join the party in Mr Dibitonto’s description.
While the events described in The Scoriton Mystery sound unlikely enough, it is even more tempting to dismiss Mr Dibitonto’s story as the fantasy of a man seeking publicity based on the famous story of George Adamski. Although the latter wrote of the unusual beauty, serenity and wisdom of the Space Brothers he met, he never referred to them as “angels”, as Mr Dibitonto does, whose main contact is called Raphael and whose story is infused with strong Roman Catholic references and warnings.
One could be forgiven then, for consigning the notion of George Adamski having been “Their man on Earth” to the dustbin – at least, until we read the account of the meeting that the publisher of Angels in Starships, former USAF fighter pilot Wendell C Stevens, had with Benjamin Creme in May 1990. In the preface to Angels in Starships he writes: “Mr Creme affirmed that George Adamski's contacts were real and that some of them took place in dense physical reality, just as described by Adamski himself. To a question about Adamski's contactors saying they came from Venus, Mr Creme readily replied that it was true. In fact, he added the information that there were many Venusians among us then, and even today, and that George Adamski was a Venusian spirit who had taken incarnation here for a very specific purpose, which he had fulfilled before leaving this realm in death of the physical body. According to Creme, Adamski continued in his Venusian ‘light-body’ after that, which does support the Scoriton story.”
This, however, does not cover the extent of the mystery that was George Adamski’s life. Adamski was born in April 1891 in Poland. His father was a poor carpenter who emigrated to America not long after George’s birth. In her book George Adamski – The Untold Story, Adamski’s former co-worker in Switzerland Lou Zinsstag references an early biographical detail which states that after a short period of formal schooling, Adamski “was taught by private tuition”. As his parents were poor and his father died when George was still a child, Mrs Zinsstag wonders how his mother could have afforded a private tutor at all. She continues: “I suspect that the young boy must have enjoyed private tuition by a teacher or guide, connected with a group in Tibet, as he subsequently founded the ‘Royal Order of Tibet’, and the monastery at Laguna Beach, California in the Thirties.”
Her suspicion is seconded by author Henry Dohan, who claims to have had access to Adamski’s private archives. He writes that, while en route to Dunkirk, New York, the Adamski party was befriended by “a tall man with dark features” referred to as “Uncle Sid”. The stranger spent “many hours in the company of young George throughout the voyage” and eventually became a friend of the family after they had settled into their new home.
In his book about the early UFO contactees, titled The Pawn of His Creator, Mr Dohan also writes that after the death of George’s father, Uncle Sid effectively took over the paternal responsibilities. What’s more: “When George became fourteen, his benevolent uncle offered sponsorship of his further education” and suggested “sending George to Tibet to a monastery of Lamas”. The number of years Adamski spent in Tibet varies, depending on the source, from around four to six years. Here he learnt “to master the four elements”, was taught the spirituality of the East and practiced meditation.
In 1936, 10 years before he first sighted a flying saucer, George Adamski published his first book, containing a collection of questions to answers from his audiences as a self-described “wandering teacher”, titled Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East. The teachings in this booklet cover most of the basic tenets of the Ageless Wisdom teaching, which Adamski referred to as Universal Law and later, after his mission as witness of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations had begun, as Cosmic Philosophy, which was also the title of his last book, published in 1961.
Mystery, controversy and apparent contradictions surround the lives of many initiates. But the best testimony to a man’s character, if not his stature, is when his actions reflect his words. In Adamski’s case, that is not difficult to establish when we compare his motto, as expressed in one of his lectures, with his life: “My advice to you is to help as many as you can – the greater the number you serve, the greater will be the understanding of yourself. This should be the motive of everyone who desires to fulfill the destiny for which he was born.” Undeterred by intimidation and undistracted by the fleeting riches of fame and money, George Adamski fulfilled his mission as the herald of the Space Brothers, broadening the horizon of many an Earthling.
Passages from George Adamski (1961), Cosmic Philosophy:

“It is a man’s duty to be a happy child in his Father’s house, and to do this he will have to be aware of the house. He must be aware that he is now in the heaven that he is seeking to enter and that within his form of self is the ever-present all-inclusive intelligence.
Here lies the answer to the question as to the constant urge in the heart of every human to know more about the composition of forms as well as the cause and purpose of action, for it is the Cause Parent impressing the effective child to know more about the vast possibilities so that he may enjoy all that the Father has to give.”

Passages from George Adamski (1936), Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East (aka “Questions and Answers by the Royal Order of Tibet”):

 “What law do the Masters use?
The Masters use the law of Love, which unites all in oneness. They do not resist anything, but take it into the love of the universe, separating nothing from the all, from the lowest to the highest. Love is the Cosmic secret of the universe, if there were any secrets, but nothing is hidden or kept apart in love, as it is all inclusive.”

“What is the Universe?
The Universe is the all in all – all planets of all solar systems, all chemicals from the highest invisible states to the lowest solidified forms, all vibrations, all intelligence, all consciousness. Or in other words the entirety of God in its various manifestations that compose the perfect Whole.”