The Gathering of the Forces of Light
In his book by the same name, British artist and author Benjamin Creme describes the mission of our Space Brothers and Sisters, who come to Earth in their spaceships (UFOs) to save this planet from destruction. Our own planetary Hierarchy, led by Maitreya, the World Teacher, works with them tirelessly in a fraternal enterprise to restore sanity and stability to this Earth. Without their help this planet would by now be uninhabitable.
Mission #1: Nuclear radiation and pollution: the greatest threats to humanity
Since the discovery of nuclear fission, we have poured nuclear energy—which our scientists, with their crude instruments, cannot even measure—into our atmosphere. They do not have the technology to measure levels of matter above gas. On the etheric levels, where this release of nuclear energy occurs, nuclear radiation is producing the deadliest release of energy that has ever taken place on Earth.
Markus Distelrath (
This nuclear energy, in tremendous potency, is destroying the well-being of humanity and the lower kingdoms, depleting the body’s immune system and opening us to all manner of ills that otherwise would not affect us. As a result, we have wave upon wave of influenza and other diseases that we have less and less ability to cope with. This energy also plays significantly on the human brain, causing Alzheimer’s, memory loss, disorientation, and the gradual breakdown of the body’s defense system.
Within the limits of karma, the Space Brothers are able to neutralize some of this nuclear radiation, along with other forms of toxic pollution, using various implosive devices. They neutralize the radiation we are pumping into the atmosphere from every nuclear power station without exception, and from all nuclear experimentation.
Mission #2: Crop Circles and the Science of Light
Apart from some few isolated hoaxes, the crop circles seen around the world are made by spaceships manned by Space Brothers from Mars and Venus, working in close cooperation with Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy and its head—Maitreya, the World Teacher.
They visualize with their focused minds the shape they want to create in any given circle. They then bring their machines down to near the surface of the field and, using technology operated by their minds, they create the patterns. It is a combination of advanced technology and thought; the machinery responds to their thought. The whole process takes place in seconds, even for the most complex patterns.
The circles have several purposes. Firstly, they are the ‘calling cards’ of the Space People who man the ships, to announce that they are here, without alarming people or infringing our free will.
More importantly, each circle is magnetized and occupies a specific place in the lines of magnetic force in our Earth’s magnetic field. Each circle is a vortex, drawing energy in and radiating energy to its surrounding area. Together they form a ‘grid’ or interrelated energy system. This energy grid—in relation to electrical energy brought directly from the sun—will give us the new Science of Light as predicted by Maitreya. It will give this planet, as on other planets, unlimited, safe power for all purposes, in ways that cannot be bought up or cornered by any group.
For obvious reasons, this technology will not be given until we have abandoned war forever. Most essential today is that we come to a co-operative agreement among all people that war is a thing of the past. This will be the basic point of Maitreya’s early teaching. He will stress again and again that we have to make peace. Nothing short of peace will do, because we can now destroy all life, human and subhuman, on planet Earth. Maitreya and the Masters come in part to make sure that we do not destroy our planet.
Circles (Patterns) of Light
Since the late 1990s, circles or patterns of light have been appearing on the sides of houses and other buildings throughout the world. They, too, are created by the Space Brothers in association with Maitreya as ‘signs’ of his presence—without religious meaning. As sunlight hits a reflective surface, any of an infinite number of patterns is created.
The ‘Star’
On December 12, 2008, Benjamin Creme announced that a large, brilliant ‘star-like luminary’ would soon appear, seen night and day around the world, to herald Maitreya’s first television interview. Since January 2009, increasing numbers of sightings of the ‘star’ are being reported in Share International magazine, YouTube and the media.
Maitreya’s ‘star’ is not an actual star, but collectively refers to four spaceships from Mars, Venus and Jupiter—each positioned in one of the four corners of the Earth: north, south, east and west—so they may be seen by every person on Earth.
Each about the size of five football fields put together, they pulsate and move up and down and sideways, twist and turn, behaving very unlike any planet or star. They have a brilliant light and change colors all the time, from blue to red to green to yellow to violet to white—over and over again. In this way they are acting as the herald of Maitreya’s emergence into the open.
It is a repetition of what happened 2,000 years ago at the birth of Jesus, when a spacecraft was sent to guide three Masters to Bethlehem. Only now it is not just three wise men; it is the whole of humanity that must see the sign. The UFOs’ presence also demonstrates the collaboration between our Spiritual Hierarchy and the Space Brothers of our solar system—a connection which will soon be seen as a great benefit to humanity. The ‘stars’ will remain in place until Maitreya’s Day of Declaration.
How the Space Brothers appear to us
Creme explains that all the planets in our solar system are inhabited and engaged in one Plan: a Plan of evolution for the solar system, which works as a unit. Each planet has its own Hierarchy of Masters, all of whom (including ours) are in contact with each other. The inhabitants of the other planets are on physical levels beyond human sight, the so-called etheric planes. Their spacecraft are constructed on the same principle; they, too, are in etheric matter and have complete control of energies in space.
When a Space Person comes to Earth and wants to be seen, he/she has to lower the vibration of his/her etheric body to come within our range of sight. The same applies to the spacecraft. These vehicles are made of etheric physical matter, and if you do not have etheric vision they are invisible. But they are seen by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world when the occupants lower the rate of vibration of their vehicles. All the UFOs we see in our skies come from the planets in our own solar system. None come from other systems.
In 2010 Creme estimated there were around 2,000 Space Brothers living among us. They are all over the world in many countries. Some work in the United Nations; others work in government positions—usually in advisory capacities—in the diplomatic corps of various countries, for example. Depending on their mission, some visit this planet on a temporary basis and come for a few hours, a few days or a week or two. Others take up long-term residence and come in different ways. They might come as a full-grown adult or take incarnation through a family and grow up as a child.
Impact on humanity
Knowing about the existence of life on other planets and the fact that the Space Brothers are here to help us will have an enormous impact on humanity’s consciousness. For hundreds of thousands of educated people who believe in ‘flying saucers’, who have seen them and charted their movements, it would just be a validation of what they already believe.
But for the mass of people who do not know what they believe, it will be a revelation. They might at first be frightened of the idea of space visitors because of the way it has previously been presented, but they would soon get over that when nothing negative happened.
The coming of Maitreya and the reality of the Space Brothers are linked. The work of Share International has always been to emphasize the fact of Hierarchy’s return to the everyday world, but they do not return alone. They return with the help in many ways of the Space Brothers. Both our Hierarchy and the Space Brothers have a spiritual aim as the basis of all their actions, whether they are from this Earth, Mars, Venus or the other planets.
“The Time of Revelation”, by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme
For over sixty years, governments worldwide have withheld from the people the reality of UFOs or ‘flying saucers.’ Further, they have sought by all means to denigrate the occupants of these visiting craft as ‘aliens,’ destructive and harmful to the people of Earth. To keep their populations under control, and to avoid ‘panic,’ they have denied the experience of hundreds of thousands of open-minded citizens.
They have thus created a major myth: ‘flying saucers’ do not exist, but they are dangerous and rapacious to men of Earth! Likewise, they have taught the people to deride the notion that crop circles are a legacy from Space; yet every government has unassailable proof of the existence, creativity and superior technology of these brave and harmless visitors from the sister planets of our System. Our profound ignorance of the subtle planes of matter has allowed the major governments of the world to maintain this deception for so long.
At last the time of revelation has arrived. For no longer will government agencies hide the truth from men of Earth: their brotherhood with the far-off planets of our Solar System. Already, the ‘star-like luminary,’ the herald of Maitreya’s emergence, is showing people worldwide that for years they have been deceived by their governments. You may be sure that Maitreya will reveal the truth of our relationship with the other planets, and of the co-operation which for long has continued between us.
Powerful testimonials
Despite the decades-long official cover-up of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, a growing number of officials and dignitaries have spoken out about the reality of visitors from space. Author Gerard Aartsen brought these statements together in his books Here to Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers (2011) and Priorities for a Planet in Transition–The Space Brothers’ Case for Justice and Freedom (2015).
Combined, these testimonies provide a powerful and unmistakable statement of disclosure from people who were or are active in the very realms of authority that are responsible for hiding the fact of the extraterrestrial presence from the public—government, science, and the military. Here are four examples from credible sources:
“I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real, although it’s been covered up by governments for quite a long time.”
Edgar Mitchell, D.Sc., US Navy Captain, Ret.; Apollo 14 astronaut; 6th man on the Moon. (Source: Interview with Nick Margerisson for “The Night Before” on Kerrang! Radio, UK, 23 July 2008)
“Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after… The veil of secrecy must be lifted and it has to be lifted now, before it is too late.”
The Right Honorable Paul Hellyer, Minister of Defence, Canada, 1963-1968; Vice Prime Minister, Canada, 1967-1969. (From: Speech at the National Press Club, Washington DC, April 2008)
“The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously.”
Mikhail Gorbachev, President, USSR, 1985-1991. (Source: Interview with Soviet Youth, 4 May 1990)
“‘Aliens’ are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time. They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them.”
Professor Lachezar Filipov, Deputy Director, Space Research Institute, Bulgaria; Member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). (Source: The Telegraph, 26 November 2009)
Our Elder Brothers
Living together in peace is what Maitreya is about. That is how the Space Brothers live—harmlessly and respectfully. They are our Elder Brothers, as are Maitreya and the Hierarchy of Masters. We are one solar system. All of us are engaged in a journey to perfection together. We are simply at different levels—some nearer the end of the road, some of us struggling to find a path to the right road, even after millions of years.
The Space Brothers are here to help. With their help, the forces of evil will be overcome—the forces that prevent people everywhere from living together in peace with justice and right relationship. Right relationship is the next destined step forward for humanity, and with the help of the Space Brothers and the emergence of our own Hierarchy of Masters, that will quickly come to be.
The following Q&As are from Share International magazine’s founding editor Benjamin Creme
Q. What about so-called abductions? What is the truth of this in relation to UFOs?
A. No one is ever abducted in a spaceship. Those who say they are abducted have experiences of an astral-emotional nature in which they imagine they are in spaceships. Nobody is ever taken up in a spaceship in a physical body. It is impossible. The spaceships are not solid physical. The people involved believe it is true, just as when you are in the middle of a dream you believe it is true. Discrimination between astral experiences and true contact is difficult to acquire, but all true contacts with the Space People are always positive in nature.
Q. Is there any truth whatsoever in the various claims made by people that they have been kidnapped by or operated and experimented on by the Space Brothers? Recent documentaries showed interviews with many people making these claims who appeared in all other respects to be normal. Some viewers found these people quite plausible.
A. There is no truth to these claims. The Space Brothers are so advanced in every way that they do not need to make any kind of experiment on us. It is a deliberate way of attacking the concept of wise and superior, spiritually-oriented people.
Q. Do you think there is any threat from the people on other planets?
A. Absolutely not. Their intention is totally beneficial—in fact, without their help, this planet would not be livable at this point. We owe them an enormous karmic debt.
Q. Was the spacecraft that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 a genuine ‘alien’ craft and crew?
A. The occupants of the spacecraft were coming from Mars. The crash was not an accident but a deliberate act of sacrifice on the part of each individual in the spaceship. Normally those spaceships cannot crash—they are made of etheric matter, so they have no weight; they cannot be destroyed. The occupants deliberately brought down the vibrational rate of the matter into the dense physical and crashed the spaceship, so that we would have the evidence of the spaceship and five spacemen who could be studied and seen to be certainly similar to humans on this planet—if not identical. The American authorities have known this for years but, of course, the evidence—the vehicle and its occupants—because they were really etheric, disintegrated quickly into the etheric. However, autopsies were carried out on the bodies, and there is a film of this, so we have major evidence that this whole UFO question is real. Probably it will take Maitreya to confirm to the people the reality of those visitors from outer space.
Q. You have said that the Space Brothers are working with scientists in Russia and America. Are they merely impressing them mentally or are they working alongside them in the lab? Are they working with altruistic scientists or military scientists?
A. They are both impressing their minds and working with them in the laboratory. They are working with both altruistic scientists and military scientists.
Q. Will extraterrestrials work more openly in the world in the future?
A. Yes; the process is already beginning.
Q. Will governments come forward and acknowledge the Space Brothers?
A. The governments will only act when they are forced to do so. When Maitreya is known openly, he will be asked questions like I am being asked now, and the truth of the relationship between this planet and the other planets will become known. Then the people from other planets will land and the reality of their existence will be known.
Q. Is there any way we can contribute to the work of the Space Brothers?
A. By making them known, by giving a true picture of them and their work. If you can present them as people who do exist, in spaceships that do exist, and that they are totally harmless and peaceful beings who only come to help, you would do a good job for humanity.
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